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    Score Model

    Thank you for the feedback. I am considering the following three changes; Points per frog nerfed to 200 Clean bonus buffed to 25% Per wave speed bonus buffed to 3%
  2. Karawasa

    Score Model

    With the recent 1.1 patch, I think it is time to start a discussion on the scoring used by ETD. I'm looking for feedback from the players. What works? What doesn't? I have included the current model as reference; All points are multiplied by the difficulty. Normal = 1. Hard = 2. Very Hard = 3. Insane = 4. Each creep killed gives points equal to the wave number + five. So your base points for wave 5 would be 300 ((5+5) * 30). If you don't leak, you get a 25% increase to your base points for the wave. If you complete the wave in under 30 seconds, you get a 4% increase per second to your base points for the wave. If you complete the wave in over 30 seconds, you get a 2% decrease per second to your base points for the wave. Max -100%. You get a networth bonus percentage equal to (ending networth/base networth) to your final score. Networth is equal to gold unspent + gold given if you sold all towers. This means Random gives 11% more. Classic Game is considered complete after finishing wave 55. If you complete the game in under 40 minutes, you get a 2.5% increase per minute to your base score. If you complete the game in over 40 minutes, you get a 2.5% decrease per minute to your base score. Base networth is the total bounty of all creeps. Normal = 60805. Hard = 79445. Very Hard = 90861. Insane = 103951. Each frog killed gives 200 points. Every subsequent wave of frogs gives 20% more points. Express Game is considered complete after finishing wave 30. If you complete the game in under 20 minutes, you get a 5% increase per minute to your base score. If you complete the game in over 20 minutes, you get a 5% decrease per minute to your base score. Base networth is the total bounty of all creeps. Normal = 69483. Hard = 89142. Very Hard = 102373. Insane = 117564.
  3. I've cleaned them both up.
  4. I will be implementing a leaderboard update tonight that only allows scores from "Valve" servers. This whitelist should help cut down on cheating. My assumption is that he is faking the data that is being sent.
  5. We have some issues with the leaderboard locking tables and not inserting new scores. I will be fixing it tonight.
  6. Another way to look at it is that Random gives an 11% bonus. Not sure if we want that or not but something to note.
  7. CPU: Intel Core i7 4790K @ 4.6 Ghz GPU: MSI GTX 980TI GAMING 6G GOLDEN EDITION SLI (2) Mobo: ASUS SABERTOOTH Z87 RAM: 16 GB G.SKILL TridentX DDR3 2400 HDD: Samsung 850 PRO 250 GB, Samsung 850 EVO 512 GB (2) Case: Corsair Obsidian 750D PSU: Corsair HX1050
  8. These days I generally keep my desktop clean. Sometimes I use it for scratch pad type things (as you can see).
  9. The towers page should be up to date now. If you have a suggestion for the layout, please post it here; https://forums.eletd.com/forum/9-site-feedback-amp-suggestions/ I'm glad you are enjoying the game!
  10. That is one way to play. Another way to play would be the high networth/frog kill route. The goal of this patch is to encourage a variety of ways. Consider it a spectrum from fast to cash.
  11. The first time a player places on the leaderboard we fetch and store their steam information. This never gets updated afterwards.
  12. The next version update should introduce far more variety into the leaderboard.
  13. Not sure what you mean. The frog wave is never ending. You've technically won already by completing wave 55.
  14. I agree that we are not yet ready for monthly seasons. The fascinating thing is how quickly issues are revealed due to the leaderboard. We will continue to leverage this agility in the near future. I've mentioned this elsewhere but just in case. Rush/Chaos mode will have their score multipliers removed in the next balance update. Furthermore, additional weight will be given to frogs in the score calculation. To emphasize the desire for a variety of builds, we'll even have a frog leaderboard (where speed is definitely not key).
  15. No it shouldn't. Noya, correct me if I am wrong. What I was referring to was speed bonus prior to boss wave.
  16. I appreciate the idea but I am against it. At some point, the game plays itself. On a related note, adding attack ground to towers like Root or Obliteration makes sense.
  17. It's an interesting question. We are considering what deserves to be split out. At the very least, we will add a 3rd board for Frog Kills.
  18. Faster play through?
  19. Karawasa

    Almighty Mango

    Yes, good points. We will be addressing this soon.
  20. I agree. Arguably Rush might not deserve its own leaderboard...it's just for fun. It was meant to be a niche mode, not the standard. Frogs will receive an increased weight to total score. We are also planning a top frog board as well. Finally, we'll have some sort of networth/gold/interest bonus so that speed is not the only way to rank.
  21. That is amazing to hear that the WC3 version lives on to this day. Unfortunately, I do not intend to update either the WC3 or SC2 versions. That said, both are open source so perhaps someone will take up the mantle.
  22. This is new territory for the game and it is indeed a double edged sword. It's positive in that it reveals flaws in balance and scoring. It's negative in that it may pigeonhole the meta. As we improve the game from leaderboard findings, I believe you will find that overall it is a net positive. Remember, there are still endless possibilities. Once we get the balance/scoring improved this will become more apparent.
  23. Impressive! I'm looking forward to more contributions from you.
  24. Alright; I don't like the idea. 90% sell on AP along with being able to cancel is sufficient.
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