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  1. We definetely dont need this much options. The only thing i'd like to use is a toggle skill to switch the attack type of towers from normal, into the one we have now. Sometimes it becomes realy absurdly when all of your life and gold towers last hitting the same creep which have 1-hit hp, this also annoying when creeps are near the exit and you have to micro your towers, otherwise you will leak.
  2. Here you can see, how arrows travels from the point where they almost hit the creep, back to where it tp'ed p.s. how to make a spoiler for screenshots?
  3. I noticed that in rare cases, temporal creeps time lapsing waaay to far, like ~20 seconds back. I also think that life towers should probably get charges for last hitting temporal creeps before they used time lapse, like with undead ones.
  4. Whats'up everyone. Before I start, I have to say my english is not so good, so treat with understanding. I think its time for this topic to appear. The number one and the number two of leaderboard curently are most definetly cheaters, coz there's no way they could finish their games as fast as they did (20 and 32 mins) after v1.0 patch and get a 600k score. Also their replays are unavailable and it was their 1st attempt for a high score. So i think there is some bug, which allows you to get gold and still be on the leaderboard.
  5. This wont make any difference, since you cant hide your dota profile in reborn
  6. nice guide, ez 1kk (: but you should build nature towers closer to the portal ( position "/"), then you can insta kill waves from 30 to 40ish and get a bit more pts. I mean, you wanna do it in mid game, when you get your first mango. Early game tower placement is good on your shots.
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