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  1. We had this mode in StarCraft 2. The problem is that it got picked and then the competitive nature of ETD was lost. Instead we would like to work on rewarding or recognizing wins in multiplayer.
  2. It is interesting news and a welcome development from Valve. We don't know yet if we'll get game pass support but we certainly hope for it. If we do, here is what we have planned; Custom Builders. We will add a panel where you can change your builder. There will be 4 additional builders to start off with. We'll then add 2-4 every couple of weeks. Voting Tiebreaker. Your vote will have 1.5x weight. Player Profile/Friend Rankings. Detailed information on games that you have played. Ability to see how your friends rank on the leaderboard. This will not affect the current donation system. Pass holders will not get donation perks. But donors will get pass perks. That means Datastar Wisp and Custom Builders remain donor only.
  3. Karawasa

    Score Model

    Frog points will be nerfed to 150 points. Every subsequent wave will be nerfed to 15% increase.
  4. Ha I thought Quark was still 10 stacks. Proves how much I know . I'd like to keep Life a multiple of 2. Let's try 4/2/1. Glad to hear you like my Hail idea. Alright for Electricity just flip the effect and don't nerf the damage then?
  5. Karawasa

    Score Model

    Updated original post for 1.1. Partial frog points were implemented. I propose nerfing frogs to 150 points for 1.2.
  6. How is that different than Ice really? Also, abilities are passive or autocast only.
  7. Here is my take; Runic Tower Increase its base damage. Then decrease duration and/or increase cooldown. Laser Tower I think this one is fine. Leave it alone. Life Tower Don't decrease the damage. Nerf effect to 4/2/1. Gold Tower Decrease bounty bonus to 20%/40%. Electricity Tower Decrease to 150 damage. Make bounces add 20% instead. Vapor Tower Might be fine as is based on what you described. Poison Tower Increase the bonus attack to 4x damage up from 3x. Quark Tower Try a max stack of 12. Leave everything else the same. Hydro Tower Might be fine as is based on what you described. Flame Tower Might be fine as is based on what you described. Jinx Tower Decrease duration to 5 seconds. So two "hits" of damage instead of 3. Hail Tower Not sure what to do. Radical idea: ability allows this tower to attack all creeps in range.
  8. FYI, patch 1.1 is coming tomorrow.
  9. Manually forcing it to attack a creep of your choice by selecting it and ordering attack commands.
  10. If it's not on http://hatinacat.com/leaderboard/ then it's a problem with GetDotaStats. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about that.
  11. To help generate excitement for this; I will be supporting the future tournament with prizes. Think mousepad and t-shirt.
  12. Good idea! We will be implementing this in the 1.1 patch.
  13. Karawasa

    Score Model

    Should that change?
  14. Forge is Level 2 of Blacksmith (Earth + Fire). Foundry is Level 3.
  15. A separate tab will not be needed. We are keeping the balance numbers in parity between the versions. I'm not sure what you mean by engine differences...we can shape the Mobile version as needed.
  16. Karawasa

    Score Model

    I think point increase to all creeps should not make it so flat. Going to test +5 on classic and +3 on express. Also, negative speed bonus (over 30 seconds) will be nerfed to 1%. Numbers may change before the patch after playtesting. I would like to invite top players to join this effort. Please PM me if you're interested.
  17. @Noya What about Jinx/Voodoo towers?
  18. It's an interesting idea but the reason I avoid it is that this page will be shared by the mobile version.
  19. We run a set of queries to generate "summary" tables for the leaderboards. This allows read access at lightning speed because we are only selecting from a subsection of the total. The problem (or future problem) is that the generation of these tables is a bit slow. I'm hoping someone better at SQL than me can help optimize them. http://pastebin.com/UZMCpCc9
  20. I added a builds page. Hope that helps. As for creeps...not sure.
  21. That could work. @Noya what do you think? Singleplayer restart?
  22. I could see filtering on Rush/Random/Difficulty. Not sure where in the current UI it would go though.
  23. Interesting idea. But not technically feasible. There is another thread though...https://forums.eletd.com/topic/95415-host-chooses-game-mode-for-all-players/
  24. How do you differentiate it? People usually ignore lobby descriptions. I see rage quits coming .
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