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  1. this game is dead?

    You could say it's hibernating. I am slowly but surely working towards a Kickstarter for Element TD 2.
  2. When is new patch?

    No, Dota 2 is not the end game for ETD. We are planning to launch a Kickstarter for Element TD 2 in January.
  3. When is new patch?

    There will probably not be a patch anytime soon. Our Dota 2 developers have moved on to other projects. Valve's terrible support for custom games really ruins the motivation to continue working on them.
  4. Can't Play

    This was fixed with a hotfix shortly after.
  5. Interesting. I will take a look.
  6. Rainbow Defense achievement not working

    I will look into the rainbow defense. Regarding spiral map, probably not :(.
  7. Thanks for that feedback. We may very well adjust the networth bonus. We want both strategies to be viable.
  8. Thickened Outlines

    What version? Could you post a screenshot?
  9. Thickened Outlines

    Thank you for reporting that. We'll look into it and hopefully have a fix soon!
  10. Thank you for bringing this up. We are looking into it.
  11. I have updated the main leaderboard.
  12. Element TD 1.9

    Updated to 1.9.
  13. Darkness Tower

    @Charles Lloyd Ok that makes sense! We will look into it. Thank you for the explanation.
  14. Darkness Tower

    Unfortunately, I don't get your explanation. Are you saying that the transfer does the full tower damage?
  15. I am the 1%

    Interesting. Let me look into this and get back to you.