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  1. No, Dota 2 is not the end game for ETD. We are planning to launch a Kickstarter for Element TD 2 in January.
  2. There will probably not be a patch anytime soon. Our Dota 2 developers have moved on to other projects. Valve's terrible support for custom games really ruins the motivation to continue working on them.
  3. This was fixed with a hotfix shortly after.
  4. Interesting. I will take a look.
  5. I will look into the rainbow defense. Regarding spiral map, probably not :(.
  6. Thanks for that feedback. We may very well adjust the networth bonus. We want both strategies to be viable.
  7. What version? Could you post a screenshot?
  8. Thank you for reporting that. We'll look into it and hopefully have a fix soon!
  9. Thank you for bringing this up. We are looking into it.
  10. I have updated the main leaderboard.
  11. Updated to 1.9.
  12. @Charles Lloyd Ok that makes sense! We will look into it. Thank you for the explanation.
  13. Unfortunately, I don't get your explanation. Are you saying that the transfer does the full tower damage?
  14. Interesting. Let me look into this and get back to you.
  15. What do you mean by endless? Isn't that already the boss wave at the end of a classic round? Also, moved to Dota 2 forum.