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  1. We did not build the mobile version to support translations. However, we are definitely going to support translations for Element TD 2.
  2. The OP is long gone I suspect but I'm actually planning to do this for Element TD 2 . Good idea! @StROnGh3ARt
  3. Just to clarify, 3D in the same sense as WC3/SC2/Dota 2. I wouldn't consider any of those 2D... That's an interesting perspective but one that I must respectfully disagree with. Being a custom game is marginalizing for the exact reason that you describe as charm. We have more than enough content to offer for a standalone. We welcome the higher expectations.
  4. Haha I totally understand where you're coming from. No need to worry though, we're not Blizzard here! The focus is exclusively on Element TD 2. Standalone. 3D. Multiplayer. Steam. Rejoice.
  5. We aren't supporting the Dota 2 version anymore .
  6. You're not the first to ask that . It's quite possible that a recent Dota 2 update has broken it. @WindStrike can you confirm/deny this?
  7. What steam name do you play under? Search for yourself here: https://www.eletd.com/leaderboard/search. Do you see your match?
  8. Ah, in that case you'll have to wait until this summer. We are developing Element TD 2. It's a standalone version that will be released on Steam.
  9. What do you mean by original version?
  10. I believe this is in regards to the Dota 2 version. Moving there. Leaderboard is updated. It just means that no one has beaten the top scores. You can go here: https://eletd.com/leaderboard/matches and see. As for in-game, we aren't supporting the Dota 2 version anymore. Aside from the game breaking bug we fixed recently, there are no other patches planned.
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