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  1. Some of these are obvious bugs, if you want them fixed you can open issues in
  2. This was a bug introduced in the last update, fixed it now! Thanks for posting it
  3. Both should be fixed now, let me know in those threads in any case.
  4. Hey guys, sorry for the delay, I made a potential fix for this and will be in next update today (1.10), let me know if you're still having trouble.
  5. Should be fixed in next update
  6. 4GB RAM is your problem, waves 4-9 are when we precache tower models to use later, your memory gets filled and the game crashes.
  7. Looks like you start packet dropping and crash. What are your PC specs?
  8. Thank you for the report. Unfortunately I wasn't able to reproduce this bug, do you have a way to make it happen reliably in sandbox? Does it happen in any mode or map in particular?
  9. Yeah it has been reworked. They gain bonus damage when on full life
  10. Fixed, sorry!
  11. Patch is Live!
  12. That's a known dota client bug which I had a couple of times, fixed by restarting dota/steam
  13. Do you have a match ID? I'll give it a look
  14. There is a life tower rework coming so this won't be relevant anymore on the next update