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  1. Can you actually watch replays from custom games though? Also agree about hiding elements from the LB.
  2. I appreciate the effort put in, but 460k is around half of what you get if do it properly. Maybe tweak your strat until you get into the 700k or over range.
  3. Would it be possible to have an individual leaderboard for more modes and categories? Splitting stuff like rush, random and highest wave + frog kills into different categories would be really cool.
  4. "Cheats turned on, lobby won't count towards leaderboards" started to be posted 3 times per wave starting at Wave 20. I only had 2 life towers an obliteration tower and a clone tower up and was actually starting to leak. Was in a private lobby on my own. This is the first time i've seen this message in ~50 games, im assuming its related to the new update/patch? I will update if I see this again.
  5. After spending the initial 250g, kills and interest after give 0 gold. The bounty numbers show on kill, but it doesn't appear on the hud (next to lumber/pure essence etc). This has happened twice now, both while playing solo in a custom lobby. If it helps I was playing Chaos, Insane, All Pick on both occasions and building 5 arrow towers straight up.
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