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    Some towers auto-attack not working

    if anyone is so inclined to try and figure out a fix...the game is open source. https://github.com/MNoya/Element-TD. We can certainly push an update if someone manages a fix!
  2. Karawasa

    Element TD Coop mode for WC3

    The latest version is 4.3b: https://forums.eletd.com/topic/2258-wc3-element-td-43b/. Version 9.4 is unofficial but I open sourced the map after version 4.3b was released. Perhaps the mode was done in one of those unofficial versions but we never did it ourselves.
  3. Karawasa

    Element TD Coop mode for WC3

    @WindStrike or @holepercent did we ever do anything like this in WarCraft 3? I have no memory of it.
  4. Karawasa

    Auto-Attack not working on alot of towers.

    We are aware of this but there is not a fix coming. At least not from us. Hopefully Valve release another update to Dota 2. Otherwise, you'll have to wait for Element TD 2 (standalone) to play again. https://forums.eletd.com/topic/95812-some-towers-auto-attack-not-working/
  5. Karawasa

    Bug tower atk

    We know .
  6. Karawasa

    Some towers auto-attack not working

    Emphasis being on for now. Element TD 2 will be out before Summer 2019. We'll be looking for beta testers by Spring 2019 though . In the meantime, there is always StarCraft 2.
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    Mobile Scoring

    To be honest, there is probably some cheating going on .
  8. Karawasa

    Some towers auto-attack not working

    Unfortunately, the developers have moved onto other projects so we are not supporting this version anymore. I know that is not what you both wanted to hear. But...Element TD 2 is under development, and it will be out late Q1/early Q2 next year.
  9. Karawasa

    It Has Begun...

    These forums are merely hibernating until ETD 2 comes out . I've only been posting tiny amounts but there is a lot more going on. As we get closer to March 2019 you'll see a lot more! As someone who's been around since WC3, you will definitely appreciate me saying that we are staying true to our roots. ETD 2 will be a capstone to 12+ years of development. You may want to check out our Discord if you use that. They will all be fixed by virtue of being a different code base and game engine. New ones will surely crop up but we will be in a much better position to address them.
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    It Has Begun...

    It's not good when developers try and generate hype before their game is completed enough to assure a release. But if you're reading this forum then you're likely one of the more dedicated fans. And for you I offer this;
  11. Karawasa

    Track successful runs w/elements used

    Er it does for Dota 2...but not mobile.
  12. Karawasa

    Money tower

    Thank you for those suggestions! While we are not actively developing the mobile version anymore, your ideas are still valid as most of the towers you mentioned will be in ETD 2. @WindStrike Take a look at the above post.
  13. Karawasa

    Force Close On loading screen

    If you are crashing at the loading screen, verify the integrity of the game cache (optional), and then change the render engine from vulkan to dx11 (e.g. achievable by start parameter via -dx11).
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    It Has Begun...

  15. Karawasa


    Unfortunately, I don't know. There isn't a good way to tell really. This is one reason why we'll have replays in Element TD 2!
  16. Karawasa

    Force Close On loading screen

    Moving this to the Dota 2 section. This has been reported previously but unfortunately we're unsure of the cause. I don't have any idea if or when it will be fixed.
  17. Karawasa

    How to make towers and units move

    I'm assuming you're using this: https://github.com/MNoya/Element-TD? You''ll probably have better luck posting there as the Dota 2 devs don't check these forums much I reckon.
  18. The free version has only one map unlocked. It also contains ads. I would get the paid version over the IAP in the free version (less code overhead, smaller size). They are the same cost.
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    Post Your Desktop

    Over two years later and I finally changed my desktop!
  20. Karawasa

    Post Your Desktop

    Just as the title says...screenshot your desktop and post it here. New Old
  21. I was able to connect with the publisher and this should now be fixed on KR/TW!
  22. Karawasa

    Mobile scoring

    @JoshT I'm sorry about the slow reply. See below; No Leak Bonus = 1.3 Wave Clear Speed Bonus = 1.6 - (wave duration in seconds * 0.02) Classic Speed Bonus = 45 / game duration in minutes Express Speed Bonus = 20 / game duration in minutes Networth = Ending gold + gold given if you sold all towers Classic Per wave: 30 * (wave # + 5) * No Leak Bonus * Wave Clear Speed Bonus Per boss wave: 30 * (boss wave # + 300) * No Leak Bonus * Wave Clear Speed Bonus Per game: (Ending Score + Networth) * Classic Speed Bonus Express Per wave: 30 * (wave # + 15) * No Leak Bonus * Wave Clear Speed Bonus Per game: (Ending Score + Networth) * Express Speed Bonus
  23. Blizzard is unable to help unfortunately due to technical constraints. If the publisher is active on your server please have him contact me. I will send him the current map.
  24. Karawasa

    It Has Begun...

  25. Karawasa

    this game is dead?

    ETD2 is in development. These forums will live again next year...