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  1. Interesting. I will take a look.
  2. I will look into the rainbow defense. Regarding spiral map, probably not :(.
  3. Thanks for that feedback. We may very well adjust the networth bonus. We want both strategies to be viable.
  4. What version? Could you post a screenshot?
  5. Thank you for reporting that. We'll look into it and hopefully have a fix soon!
  6. We run a set of queries to generate "summary" tables for the leaderboards. This allows read access at lightning speed because we are only selecting from a subsection of the total. The problem (or future problem) is that the generation of these tables is a bit slow. I'm hoping someone better at SQL than me can help optimize them. http://pastebin.com/UZMCpCc9
  7. Thank you for bringing this up. We are looking into it.
  8. I have updated the main leaderboard.
  9. Updated to 1.9.
  10. Changelog; Muck, Root, Nova, and Windstorm towers tweaked to 12%/28% slow from 10%/30% Corrosion tower buffed to 15%/45% damage increase from 12%/36% Incantation tower buffed to 18%/48% damage increase from 15%/45% Electricity tower buffed to 220/1100/5500 damage from 200/1000/5000 Laser tower buffed to 200 area search range from 300
  11. @Charles Lloyd Ok that makes sense! We will look into it. Thank you for the explanation.
  12. Unfortunately, I don't get your explanation. Are you saying that the transfer does the full tower damage?
  13. Interesting. Let me look into this and get back to you.
  14. What do you mean by endless? Isn't that already the boss wave at the end of a classic round? Also, moved to Dota 2 forum.
  15. We have pushed a lot of fixes to address 7.00. More coming soon!
  16. No, but I will. It is better to post right at the source (github) though.
  17. One of the developers has returned and is working on fixing the game. Please see here to suggest a priority list: https://github.com/MNoya/Element-TD/issues/479
  18. The main developer said he may get a chance to do it this weekend. I am encouraging him .
  19. Updated to 1.8.
  20. Fixed for Mobile.
  21. We are aware of that and we're working on a fix .
  22. Thank you for reporting this. Were you able to determine if it is just certain towers, waves etc. that trigger this?
  23. Thank you for reporting this bug. We will look into it and get it fixed for the next update.
  24. Updated to 1.7.
  25. Fixed in next version .