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  1. We have been beta testing it and that has gone well. There is an app store hurdle we have to jump before we can release though. I'd like to say within a couple of weeks.
  2. #2 spot is 9 hours fresh. The leaderboard is working it seems. It updates every 15 minutes.
  3. Karawasa


    There is a bug with the scoring system that we are fixing in the upcoming 1.0.1 patch.
  4. Awesome feedback! We're going to be implementing most of these for the next release. I look forward to seeing this.
  5. Yes it is still coming out today. Expect it within the next few hours. Looking forward to hearing what you think .
  6. The game is officially out for Android! Check it out here!
  7. Yes please reach out to me via PM and let's figure something out.
  8. I will be reaching out to those I feel have contributed to the game.
  9. Private beta launching tonight. Unless there are some showstopping bugs, expect release mid June.
  10. Yes! We've made really great progress and are nearing completion of version 1.0. I'm planning to launch a private beta for android in the next couple of days.
  11. Karawasa

    Hero Mode

    I'm not sure when hero mode will come out. But we will have a co-op mode (it's really cool, can team with up to 4 people) in a few days. Hero mode would likely have to be more like X Hero Siege where the creeps attack some point in the middle (but also your towers/hero). It would be really cool, I'd like to see it sooner than later.
  12. We are going to fix that next patch by getting rid of the networth bonus in classic mode.
  13. This is intended. We removed the extra gold in the last patch.
  14. Unit speed may be adjusted. We do keep lower end mobile devices in mind. But the projectiles/visual effects are not final; I am exploring other asset packs.
  15. https://forums.eletd.com/topic/95484-sneak-peek-videos/ Thoughts?
  16. Guys I always hesitate at adding more complexity. More content is always good. What does this feature add to the gameplay? What purpose/role does it fill? In other words, why?
  17. I have a 34'' monitor running at 3440x1440.
  18. We rely on GetDotaStats for data. They are currently undergoing maintenance until tomorrow. We'll be back online soon.
  19. Yes we rely on GetDotaStats. They are doing maintenance until tomorrow. We'll be back online soon.
  20. Dual Towers were changed to 6x damage scaling and costs were increased to compensate.
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