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Found 25 results

  1. A lot of towers are not hitting automaticly they only seems to react when u manually click on them to hit the target.(Lina, Alchemist towers and the list goes on...)The bug has been appeared after the 7.20 Dota2 update. It is still not fixed at this point of time. I am a true fans of EleTD and would be happy to see this fix so that we could play the game again ASAP. Thanks!
  2. Pleace Move this thread to Starcraft 2 Elements TD v2.85 Hello there, i noticed a bug. The Muck tower which is Tier 1 has a DPS of 1000, with an attackspeed of 1 and a damage of 1000 And the Mire tower which is Tier 2 has a DPS of 200, with an attackspeed of 1 and a damage of 200 This is wrong, as i am paying 3.5K for the upgrade and get 800 dmg lower. I guess this is just the wrong way round. As far as i can judge the dmg the towers are dealing is correct, so it should only be a display bug. If there are any questions just reply here i will take a look from time to time Thanks a lot Gigamens
  3. It seems that any cannon and arrow towers that have been given an elemental upgrade will lose their upgrades upon loading a saved game, and the gold spent to upgrade them is not refunded. I've tested it several times. For the record, I'm running the latest paid version on a galaxy s7 with the latest Android OS
  4. Greetings, I have recently dug into Element TD once again (to the point where I can't stop playing it). I noticed a couple of minor bugs and wish to share them here in the interest of improving the game which I love so much. The first thing I noticed was that the damage listed for Flame Towers (all ranks) isn't accurate; the ability damage is displayed rather than the damage the tower deals from attacks (which is quite decent, clearly a large factor). I'm not sure if this is intended or not, but seeing as ability towers (for example Nova or Electricity) have listed -None- under damage, so it seems fishy to me. Another thing is that Nova III isn't listed in the Tower Table if it's accesible (no screenshot unfortunately, I couldn't remember to do it at the time I noticed), even though towers like Flame III, Life III etc. (which in combination prove that you have the requirements for Nova III) are listed as III. The only bug I noticed with impact on gameplay happened with stacking Nova towers; (I'm not too sure how stacking slows works, since I'm not very experienced at the mode) Nova III slow is listed as -52%, however, having both a Nova III and a Nova II tower hitting creeps reduced their movement speed to 144 when the III hit them and then to 215 immediately after the II hit them, only after deleting the Nova II did I get the constant reduction to 144, which seems very off. None of the listed bugs are gamebraking, but are mildly impactful or mere UI misinformations, yet I feel like sharing any bugs would be welcome here, no matter when they were to be resolved. I would like to apologize in advance if I broke any forum rules in making this post. Best of luck with your gamemode, I truly hope it gets recognized for it's greatness that it has had over these years. This was played in the Dota 2 version, in the current update (13.02.2017.), in case this is necessary to note. Yours truly, Omskbird.
  5. Twice now waves have stopped spawning at level 28 (meaning, the 29th wave does not spawn) when playing Normal or Hard and having Express selected with Rush, Chaos and Challenge ticked on. After I noticed that no more waves were spawning, I enabled sandbox and forced the 29th wave to spawn, which it did. The 30th wave could not be spawned.
  6. Not sure why this bug happened again but it's freaking annoying Mode: Express, Insane Edit: Happens in Short mode too
  7. Recently i tested in sandbox mode various tactics and found strange result with nova towers: i placed lvl 3 nova in the middle of upper left location and lvl 2 nova in the middle of upper right location. So they have some shared aoe(approximately 250). When creeps walks further with 70% slow from sharing aoe of both nova towers, then they unexpectedly don't change slow effect to 30% and moving forever with 70% slow untill death. I also tested this effect in game(All Pick Normal) without sandbox - match 2612147677 result was same and definitely this bug gives huge advantage.
  8. BUFFING SUPPORT TOWERS Arrow and Cannon Towers can be buffed while they are in "planting phase". Can be cloned too, with Trickery. You can have buffed Well, Blacksmith and Trickery aswell. Buff normal Light Tower, upgrade Light Tower to Trickery. Most buffs and debuffs resets when you go to "upgrade phase". In theory you can have infinite amount of towers with unlimited buff duration, only using one support tower. Using upgrade - cancel trick. DISAPPEARING TOWERS Happens when tower is in "upgrade phase" and you change builder. HOW TO GET FREE TRIPLE ELEMENT CLONES OUT OF LEVEL 1 DUALS Click Trickery's ability. Use TAB or control group to select your level 1 dual element tower. Use hotkey of the upgrade you want to clone. Dual element tower goes into "upgrade phase", click it. Cancel the upgrade. Build the dual element tower to something else.
  9. In every game when the wave 9 starts, I'm disconnected from server with message "Server timeout"... I tried to reinstall entire Dota 2 and still happening.
  10. As the topic states after the latest patch to SC2 you lose lives at random and lose the game because of it. It would seem when there is a larger(size of the unit) creep wave that spawns it triggers the portal that causes you to lose lives at the same time. I love playing this TD and would like to see this bug patched. Thanks! P.S. The settings you choose do not appear to matter. Maybe Blizz altered the size of the units box? I don't know how this works.
  11. There is a bug ONLY in the Frog's Leaderboards... When a player get a new highscore, others games from that player appears in the Leaderboard too. See upload image to more details.
  12. During last game i accidentally noticed that Periodic tower price is incorrect (mode normal/random): build cost displays 13000 but still 11000 - sell cost 13000(money from air).
  13. It's strange but i can stop any tower from attacking creeps, expect the life one. I have disabled auto attack in settings and it dosent help. And i saw on replays, that other ppl also cant stop the life tower. Thx.
  14. DBX_5

    Sandbox bug

    If you leak while in sandbox mode and you reset your income becomes locked for a round or 2 not sure what causes it to go back on but shouldnt it just reset when you restart the game?
  15. Nice to meet Youuu ! It seems icefrog's vengeance (skill) doesn't work in boss waves That's all, for now ! Can someone confirm this ?
  16. just played a game and had 3 life towers up. I had 21/50 hp and the towers were all level 1 (for reference). Now instead of it taking 6 shared kills to heal me it was taking them 12 kills to heal me as if i was still at max hp.
  17. I noticed today when playing that the earth tower, and the shrapnel tower, stopped attacking at certain points. I controlled it to attack a certain target, and then after the specific target died it stopped attacking all together. I tested this in a private lobby, and it seems to be, at least, for all basic towers. After you micro them to attack certain targets they will stop attacking.
  18. Hi, played two games this patch. First game i got a score of 375,267. Second game i got a score of 453,685. Why is the first score showing on the leaderboard instead of the second one when the second is much higher?
  19. I have been messing around with the tower upgrading system lately.. Found couple minor bugs again.. You can reset some cooldowns on towers when you upgrade -> cancel upgrade. Such as Hail and Runic towers.. Also didn't work on Well Tower, haven't tested others. You can remove Trickery Tower's debuff by upgrade -> cancel upgrade. This one is very very minor, but I found a way to abuse it (is it efficent / worth it, I dont know). You can reduce some towers attack speed (mainly slow towers, such as Dark Tower) by letting the tower hit once -> upgrade -> cancel upgrade -> let it hit again -> repeat.. But you need to be very precise with the timing, and sometimes you get this "Dead" message which prevents you to do actions for second, and it messes the timing..
  20. If you have 1 unused wood and you got disconnected when you reconnect you can't use it till you gain another one.
  21. Hey guys, first off (since this is my first post) - great job getting this into Dota 2. Really polished! I do have one issue though Boss Wave 2 does not spawn for me. Previous to this weekend's patch I had a similar issue where 1 frog from Boss Wave 1 would get stuck in the exit tunnel. After the patch I don't have this issue, but the one above instead. Screenshot below of final build (if that helps) [ed - forgot mode info - this was Normal/Rush]
  22. I would like to report a problem. I'm stuck at the loading screen. I cant seem to connect to the game. After waiting for a long time the server send me back to the lobby. Any troubleshoot that i should do?
  23. So I have been upon trying to load the game getting this with the loading screen 100% of the time as to if it is a bug or due to terrible settings and AMD I have no clue but as it stands I have not been loading into the game at all only getting thrown back into the lobbies. Edit: almost forgot to mention that the glitched sorta out of focus changes through all the totems and even the site at the bottom.
  24. 1401Ger

    Elemental lost

    Dear Devs, I believe I found a bug that results in permanently missing an level in your elements: By "upgrading" your worker via ctrl+skill-hotkey after receiving 1 lumber you lose the level-up button. Lumber is still there but you can't upgrade your element. On your worker it shows the element level upgraded but at your well on the top it does not. It is also not available for building your towers. Only works on an element that you have at least 1 level in already. Cheers, 1401Ger
  25. Tidal/Tsunami Towers no longer gaining Damage when attacking since recent update.
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