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  1. Got a feature you want added to the game? Suggest it here! We may not add everything here, but we'll take it into consideration for eventual implementation. I'll be compiling a list of stuff we'll likely implement here. Shift + Drag to select a group of squares (suggestion by dvdlesher):
  2. Sounds good enough to me! Join our Discord server (click here), and whenever Karawasa returns from existence, he can promote you to the Tester role so you can actually try it out. Feel free to ping him or myself directly on there.
  3. Want to be a tester for Element TD 2? Request here in this thread! For now, we're only accepting veteran players with experience and a history with previous versions of this game. Bonus points if you've played multiple versions and/or used to be prolific on these forums! Once you've been approved, you'll need to be on our Discord (click here!), and from there, Karawasa will promote you to the Tester role and you'll have access to the private #testers channel.
  4. While Element TD 2 is not officially released yet, we have entered the Alpha Testing stage! The game's visuals are incomplete and it has no sound, but otherwise you can choose your game modes and play from start to finish, including boss waves. This is for approved testers only. If you're interested in joining the testing, request here. If you are an approved tester, you'll be invited to a private discord channel, where we will be periodically releasing new builds and hosting multiplayer tests. List of Essential Links Latest Changelog List of Towers DPS/Gold Values Chart General List of Changes Invite Link to ETD 2 Discord Request to be a Tester For now, on Multiplayer Releases, do note they will only work when we set up the server ourselves. If you're in the testers discord, you'll see notifications for when we kick it on or off. For bug reports and feedback related to Alpha Testing, post in the Test Feedback Forum. For discussion, questions, suggestions, and everything else, post in this forum.
  5. Fixing post-7.00 bugs & some random balance shenanigans. General Removed unnecessary 7.00 stuff, aka Talent Tree, Backpack, Glyph, & Radar. Fixed 21:9 Aspect Ratio shenanigans. Fixed various UI stuffs. Creeps Fixed Speed creeps only occurring sometimes. Tweaked the Wave Order Wave 28 now has Bulky ability Wave 42 changed from Avenger to Bulky Wave 49 changed from Nature Avenger to Composite Bulky Default frog waves now include Bulky, just like Chaos Towers Basic Arrow cost increased from 50 to 100. Damage increased from 35 to 70. Cannon cost increased from 50 to 100. Damage increased from 45 to 90. Elemental Arrow cost increased from 130 to 225. Damage increased from 105 to 210 Elemental Cannon cost increased from 130 to 225. Damage increased from 135 to 270 Singles Dark damage increased from 350 / 2500 / 17000 / 170000 to 360 / 2500 / 17600 / 200000 Earth damage increased from 50 / 350 / 2500 / 25000 to 55 / 385 / 2700 / 27000. Pure Earth AoE increased from 150/300 to 200/400. Pure Fire range increased from 700 to 900. Projectile speed increased from 2000 to 2500. Light damage increased from 110 / 770 / 5400 / 54000 to 120 / 840 / 5900 / 59000 Pure Light range increased from 1500 to 1750 Nature damage increased from 70 / 490 / 3400 / 34000 to 80 / 560 / 3900 / 39000 Pure Nature range increased from 700 to 900 Water damage decreased from 100 / 700 / 5000 / 50000 to 90 / 630 / 4400 / 44000 Periodic damage increased from 36000 to 40000 Damage Amps Corrosion % amp increased from 11 / 33 / 100 to 15 / 36 / 120. Damage-over-time reduced from 110 / 550 / 1650 to 100 / 500 / 1500. Duration increased from 5 seconds to 7.5 seconds. Jinx % amp increased from 5 / 15 / 40 to 6 / 15 / 45 Polar % amp increased from 10 / 27 / 55 to 12 / 27 / 60. Cooldown reduced from 1 to 0.5 seconds; duration reduced from 15 to 10 seconds. You no longer need to place them in pairs. Incantation Min % amp increased from 7 / 21 / 60 to 10 / 23 / 80 Max % amp increased from 13 / 39 / 110 to 18 / 42 / 140 Cooldown reduced from 1 to 0.5 seconds; duration reduced from 15 to 10 seconds. Aka, you no longer need to place them in pairs. Most of this has actually been out for a few weeks now, it just hasn't been noted in patch notes. Tooltips have been applied as well. Patch is officially live and leaderboard has been reset. Go nuts!
  6. That's true with any tower, because the game only saves each time you clear a wave. Now, if you upgraded those, THEN cleared the wave, and THEN bounced back to the menu and back and it still happened, that's a bug.
  7. There's not really a way to fix this permanently, is there? Maybe auto-prune anything that goes over 10 million, because it's theoretically impossible to reach that by a longshot on either leaderboard? Likewise, I believe it's impossible to get over 1 million on Express on either version...
  8. Patch 1.15.1 Tweak: Removed targeting toggle from Fire Tower (it was buggy for unknown reasons), made it so it just aims for the Highest HP Creep and focuses it till it dies or goes out of range, so it's no longer counteracting its own effect. Fire Tower damage increased from 25 / 175 / 1225 / 12250 to 30 / 210 / 1500 / 15000. AoE increased from 150 Full / 300 Half to 200 Full / 400 Half. Impulse BAT reduced from 1.5 to 1. Damage reduced from 5000 / 25000 / 75000 to 3300 / 16500 / 50000. Its DPS is roughly the same, it just fairs way better earlier on. Since it's two quick buffs and no nerfs, we're not resetting the leaderboard for this.
  9. WindStrike

    Total score

    Nah, that's just how it's listed. Now that you point it out though, there's a number of things that are off w/ the score thingy at the end: Your score, should you beat the game, should list the score at the time of completion of Wave 55 (Classic) or Wave 30 (Express), prior to all the bonuses. Bonus Wave should list the total you got from beating the Boss Waves at the end, not just the most recent one Thanks for pointing that out!
  10. We know the in-game leaderboard is broken, but the on-site leaderboard should update. Might take an hour or so.
  11. Ehhh bit too much of a buff on Undead, it wrecks single-target well enough. The issue with Time Lapse is that it doesn't proc on death, unlike the Dota 2 version.
  12. Not to my knowledge. All of the scores on the leaderboard that are something along the lines of 100 million or higher are all hacked runs or there's an abuse in the game we don't know about.
  13. The reason it's so silly is that the potential of AoE is really really dumb by comparison. Healing needs to be this strong in order to counter AoE. Now, it's definitely the strongest of the creep abilities, followed by Regen and Speed. I suppose I could look into maybe nerfing Healing just a bit, then bumping up some of the weaker abilities, though I think Temporal is permanently in a state of being kinda sucky without a complete rework. Though I suppose if Healing is getting a nerf, then so does Runic Tower.
  14. Yeah, I've been under the impression for a while now that this tower is pretty overpowered. Thing is though, most people don't know how to use it or where to place it, so most people actually believe it's underpowered. Been trying to figure out a way to apply better balance with it so that it's definitely nerfed, but also receive a simultaneous buff. The actual damage output, even if buffed, I don't think would be bad, because there's a number of towers that are easily better for single-target, so next patch, we could bump its damage, and drop its effect. Though, we'll also need to adjust a particular achievement's viability, cause to my knowledge, it's only possible to achieve via the power of Money tower.
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