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  1. So I was a fan of ele td during the WC3 days, and part of what brought me back was the endless possibilities to figure out the best build. With the way the leaderboard and the ease of access to replays, I find that element of this game gone. Now it's just copying the first person on the leaderboard (generally the best build) and hope that chaos mode gives you favourable waves. What's the general opinion around here?
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    Did you lose any lives beforehand? There's a clean bonus that adds up.
  3. I think it's on by default. I never turned mine on, as have my friends and they all show custom games. Thanks, it's nice to be able to turn it off so in the future you can prevent people just stealing the current meta strategy and then spamming it to get a high score.
  4. Is it possible to hide games on the recent activity list? I tried looking up the #1 player on express, but in his recent activity it didn't show any ele td.
  5. I like the idea, but maybe not on single player mode. Is it possible to add a tournament mode, where you need at least 3 people? You can buy income, but then it's at the risk of falling behind of the other players.
  6. So with most of the abusable tricks patched, would it be possible to have another leaderboard category for random mode? Honestly it's two very different game types. All pick it's coming up with the best strategy, which is great, but once the best strategy becomes known it's moreover whoever can pull it off the best, or get's luckiest with the chaos waves. Random is more about adapting, especially since it's harder to get a viable amount of support towers. Each wave you might be selling t2-t3 towers in order to adjust for the type. Edit: Played an express game and cleared it, I have no idea how someone got 200 k on I, R, C, E. I tried looking up his game to see his build, and I can't find it in his recent game history either.
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