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  3. Karawasa

    It Has Begun...
  4. Karawasa


    Unfortunately, I don't know. There isn't a good way to tell really. This is one reason why we'll have replays in Element TD 2!
  5. silviueu


    Hello. Nice to meet you all. Simply put.. no matter how much i struggle, i cant get past 1.3 mil score. However, recently, ive seen someone making 5.8 mil score. How is this possible? i mean the difference is huge. also top 10 players all have over 3.8 mil. whats the gimmick ? Im talking about the mobile version :))
  6. Karawasa

    Force Close On loading screen

    Moving this to the Dota 2 section. This has been reported previously but unfortunately we're unsure of the cause. I don't have any idea if or when it will be fixed.
  7. Rahjaesh

    Force Close On loading screen

    At the first three games, the game worked normally. but when i started to play with my friends, it keep force closing the game on the loading screen. Even when i starting the game alone, it keeps closing my dota 2. help ?
  8. You know other developer? he is busy so I don't know of another developer for tower defense. Cannot add him as friend in dota.
  9. Alright. Gotted the paid version after your input. Thanks.
  10. Karawasa

    How to make towers and units move

    I'm assuming you're using this: You''ll probably have better luck posting there as the Dota 2 devs don't check these forums much I reckon.
  11. The free version has only one map unlocked. It also contains ads. I would get the paid version over the IAP in the free version (less code overhead, smaller size). They are the same cost.
  12. There's two versions. What's the difference?
  13. How do you do this in the editor? 1. Spawn units to route to area then loose hp if it enters waypoint5 Spawn Unit(based on current wave) at waypoint1 Order last created unit to move/go to waypoint2 then Order last created unit to move/go to waypoint3 then Order last created unit to move/go to waypoint4 then Order last created unit to move/go to waypoint5 then Unit enters waypoint5 set variable Life random integer (currentwave to(currentwave*2)) 2. Towers upgrade to another Tower Pick every unit owned by Player If player has 1arrowtower + 1cannontower +1magictower Add ability "transform to ArrowCannonTower" If unit uses ability "transform to ArrowCannonTower" then Remove 1arrowtower + 1cannontower +1magictower 3. Monsters wave per level Monsters are different per level but every 10 levels is only 1 monster that is the boss
  14. Karawasa

    Post Your Desktop

    Over two years later and I finally changed my desktop!
  15. I was able to connect with the publisher and this should now be fixed on KR/TW!
  16. JoshT

    Mobile scoring

    Awesome thank you!
  17. Karawasa

    Mobile scoring

    @JoshT I'm sorry about the slow reply. See below; No Leak Bonus = 1.3 Wave Clear Speed Bonus = 1.6 - (wave duration in seconds * 0.02) Classic Speed Bonus = 45 / game duration in minutes Express Speed Bonus = 20 / game duration in minutes Networth = Ending gold + gold given if you sold all towers Classic Per wave: 30 * (wave # + 5) * No Leak Bonus * Wave Clear Speed Bonus Per boss wave: 30 * (boss wave # + 300) * No Leak Bonus * Wave Clear Speed Bonus Per game: (Ending Score + Networth) * Classic Speed Bonus Express Per wave: 30 * (wave # + 15) * No Leak Bonus * Wave Clear Speed Bonus Per game: (Ending Score + Networth) * Express Speed Bonus
  18. JoshT

    Mobile scoring

    Hello, Is there a thread where the mobile scoring formula is posted? If not, can you post it please? Thank you
  19. Blizzard is unable to help unfortunately due to technical constraints. If the publisher is active on your server please have him contact me. I will send him the current map.
  20. Karawasa

    It Has Begun...
  21. holepercent

    It Has Begun...

  22. Karawasa

    It Has Begun...

    It's not good when developers try and generate hype before their game is completed enough to assure a release. But if you're reading this forum then you're likely one of the more dedicated fans. And for you I offer this;
  23. Karawasa

    this game is dead?

    ETD2 is in development. These forums will live again next year...
  24. Karawasa

    Why Element TD is awesome

    Your awesome wall of text critical strikes for 9000! By now you are easily over 2000 hours . Things have changed since 2013. That said, this post is perhaps more pertinent than ever with ETD2 on the horizon.
  25. @Drodo This is a long overdue reply so I apologize for that. Yes, Gold Rush TD for Android/iOS is in development. An end of the year release is planned. But it deviates from ETD and resembles Kingdom Rush instead. That said, I can assure you that it will not play like a modified TD genre game. It has radical game mechanics unique to the TD genre. A game that is far more up your alley is Element TD 2. It's in development as well but it won't be a mobile app. ETD2 will be a multiplayer and 3D game for PC.
  26. I have provided Blizzard with the current version to distribute to the KR/TW server. Unfortunately, I am not the uploader on that server so I can't do it myself. They can be reached at [email protected]
  27. Interesting. Thank you for that bit of information! I have contacted Blizzard and asked them to propagate the most recent version (from USA) to all of the other servers (including Taiwan & Korea).
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