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  3. As we're aiming to release soon, applications for new testers is now closed. Thank you everyone that's joined on our internal testing!
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  5. @Bee.... Element TD 2 is a standalone that will be released on Steam. We are not working on Reforged. @05n5 Sounds great. Hop on our Discord and ping me.
  6. Hey i am playing since warcraft and really enjoyed the Starcraft 2 version. I would really appreciate to help you improving the game!
  7. Hey i wanna be a tester too, i tried to play the Elemental TD 4.3b on Reforged but that seems kinda broken. After u upgraded Light the second time u could upgrade to Life tower, so the one u need Nature for?! I am playing since 2009 back then i was a fan, and i still am! With reforged we get a perfect opportunity to take the map to the next level! :-)
  8. Hey! I'm back! I just got a new record (1.5 mil) and I was wondering if you could add the latest 1.17 version to filtrate the top 100 list... all top scores are from 1.16 i believe!
  9. I am already there, my main language is Traditional Chinese.
  10. About Minimalist-maximus, you can try only 8 tower , I remember it worked. Then, about Rainbow Defense, I got same problem, Very hard and insane not worked, even I building every towers. but I completed this on normal level, I don’t remember how to made it, maybe I complete from old version, I am not sure.
  11. @qq888999123 join the discord channel and we'll get you set up. Which language?
  12. Apologies for the late response. Hop into the Discord and shoot me a ping, and we'll chuck you the tester role.
  13. I want to be tester, wc3 dota2 sc pc ios, all I played. And I want asking multiplayers mode for Element TD 2, becouse this game is so fun at play with friends. if possible I also asking language choice, my friends not that good for English. thanks a lot.
  14. It seems like I encountered a int_max dmg bug with this tower setup. i got bored after a while and sold towers and made it to 4777 / 4774 Ronald kills. I dont know how to upload a replay but I can upload the full game on youtube if anyone is interested. https://plays.tv/video/5dc32b50d70cc07486/4777-4774-ronald-kills-element-td https://images-ext-1.discordapp.net/external/MUaUyT8Du_sAgdeFhfx2eCHeGHbGcmfCMEMOMuZCXPg/https/i.imgur.com/GTVxKfL.jpg?width=1202&height=677
  15. I agree on the larger statistics/charting system. That will be on the early access roadmap. The Dota 2 version had elements and towers by count. But further info on kills, damage etc. would be a hardcore players goldmine.
  16. Kills on each tower already exists, it's on the right side of the stats block. Damage might actually be possible, I would also like this feature, as well as something that feeds into a larger statistics/charting system. We'll look into it.
  17. - This will definitely be present! - Damage is harder simply because there is a lot more to log. We might skip this. - That's already in the UI now :).
  18. Stats for each tower - How many kills they each have - Damage done in each wave/overall (as a separate stat menu) per tower - Being able to see what the next wave is going to be while the current wave is still going
  19. I would like to be a tester. I have played EleTD since 2010.
  20. Highlighting over multiple empty area + selecting the a tower to have the builder create same towers in the selected built area. I saw that while I'm shift clicking to build multiple same tower, if I didn't click but drag+mouse down instead, I see areas being selected, and that's where the idea comes from. (see image below, where I tried doing that after building the first two light tower) 2019-08-03_18-28-32.webm
  21. Got a feature you want added to the game? Suggest it here! We may not add everything here, but we'll take it into consideration for eventual implementation. I'll be compiling a list of stuff we'll likely implement here. Shift + Drag to select a group of squares (suggestion by dvdlesher):
  22. Sounds good enough to me! Join our Discord server (click here), and whenever Karawasa returns from existence, he can promote you to the Tester role so you can actually try it out. Feel free to ping him or myself directly on there.
  23. Hi! I messaged Karawasa back in January and I'd still be interested in testing and providing feedback. I played maybe a dozen hours of each the Android and Dota2 version and most likely over a hundred hours of the SC2 version since 2010.
  24. Want to be a tester for Element TD 2? Request here in this thread! For now, we're only accepting veteran players with experience and a history with previous versions of this game. Bonus points if you've played multiple versions and/or used to be prolific on these forums! Once you've been approved, you'll need to be on our Discord (click here!), and from there, Karawasa will promote you to the Tester role and you'll have access to the private #testers channel.
  25. While Element TD 2 is not officially released yet, we have entered the Alpha Testing stage! The game's visuals are incomplete and it has no sound, but otherwise you can choose your game modes and play from start to finish, including boss waves. This is for approved testers only. If you're interested in joining the testing, request here. If you are an approved tester, you'll be invited to a private discord channel, where we will be periodically releasing new builds and hosting multiplayer tests. List of Essential Links Latest Changelog List of Towers DPS/Gold Values Chart General List of Changes Invite Link to ETD 2 Discord For bug reports and feedback related to Alpha Testing, post in the Test Feedback Forum. For discussion, questions, suggestions, and everything else, post in this forum.
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