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  3. He was talking about Element TD 2, not Dota 2.
  4. It is a replay issue. We have a bug that is allowing co-op games to be submitted. This will be fixed in the next version. The version after next will add leaderboard support for co-op.
  5. The leader boards updated with 4 new names with really high scores. When trying to watch their replay, all 4 of them do not build anything and die on the 2nd round but some how manage to have high score? Is this an exploit or a replay issue.
  6. I couldn't replicate this issue when playing single player. Does this occur on the Autumn lane?
  7. Also if you don't mind posting here: https://steamcommunity.com/app/1018830/discussions/2/
  8. Hi, i noticed when i tried to look my replay on leaderbord it was not on the good map and failling to build then die wave 1, so idk what happens and if u can figure it out. Here's the good replay on my log files Actualy working when i use the replay from the game, and not by leaderbord. Thanks ETD2_Replay_Player0_20-05-08_09-06.json
  9. hi, I dont c what more i can do to rank number 1 and i think its bugged. Third atm, played on insane got to level 72 what apperently is not done before.. is it because of new version vs old? Kind regards, Retro
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