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  1. Thank you for bringing this up! That is very troubling indeed. They use the same version of Unity. The only difference being that one has the IAP module and Unity Ads module. I will mention this to the devs. It gives us a direction to look into .
  2. Karawasa

    Magic Tower

    We're talking Mobile not Dota 2 here.
  3. I'm really sorry to hear that. We just upgraded to the latest version of Unity too. @Krazy_Russian have you tried version 1.6?
  4. It probably doesn't help that Poison was nerfed recently. So we either work with Poison, Ice, and/or Hail. Trickery shouldn't be changed.
  5. Karawasa

    Magic Tower

    Wondering if 600 would be too much of a nerf...or what about reducing AoE to 50?
  6. You set the bar pretty high there. I don't think balance is as black and white as you make it out to be. If one combination is not winnable on Insane, we should fix that. But it doesn't mean everything else is in shambles. That'd be like saying an FPS's balance is shit because one gun is too weak. I'll let @WindStrike speak to whether that combo is winnable or not. PS: I'm very happy to hear that you are getting a lot of playtime out of the app!
  7. This will be fixed in version 1.6.
  8. Thank you for reporting this. The "other" concern will be fixed in the next update. The primary one I will have looked into.
  9. Thank you for reporting this. What phone and what Android version?
  10. You are on version 1.3.1. Unfortunately, only 1.4 submissions are accepted.
  11. No. But when a new version comes out we reset the leaderboard. So it's a moot point.
  12. The ranking was reset. Notice that none of the top entries have a 12th element. Glad you enjoy the game .
  13. Moved to the Dota 2 section.
  14. Karawasa

    Hero Mode

    No it is not unfortunately.
  15. @WindStrike We should consider changing this for the mobile version too perhaps?
  16. Either way it doesn't matter. The upcoming update removes Pure Essence!
  17. Not sure but nuked nonetheless. Thank you for reporting.
  18. You already have it expanded in your screenshot. The option to buy essence is at the end, after Earth. You can only buy essence when you have one of each element or three of one element.
  19. You should be able to do that currently. When you expand the mana menu it is the option at the end. But I'll share something about the next update (1.2.1). We are removing pure essence altogether!
  20. Karawasa

    Builds ?

    Feel free to post your own findings and strategies too though.
  21. Karawasa

    Builds ?

    Hey @WindStrike and @holepercent now might be a good time to start a guide!
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