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  1. Thank you. Also, a minor addition of resetting the interest timer to 0 and pausing it until you spawn the wave again would be nice.
  2. Is it possible to have a button in sandbox mode that does the following: - kills all towers - set life to 50 - set gold to starting gold (normal/express) - reset all element to 0 and give a lumber to the player (normal/express) - reset score to 0 (optional) - set spawn level to 1 Basically, a button that resets everything to level 1 stats. I think this would be a nice workaround with the whole quick restart.
  3. Oh, I never thought of that. I guess that's one way to restart the game although the score becomes inaccurate in doing so. Still, a map restart button would very much be appreciated.
  4. Is it possible to restart the game without exiting it similar to WC3? Sometimes I am trying to test new ways and timings to place towers and messed up so I have to restart and it's kind of inconvenient to exit and then making another lobby.
  5. GoldK

    Target ground

    Nice. Thank you very much.
  6. GoldK

    Target ground

    Is it possible to implement the ability to target ground towers like root towers so they will repeatedly cast their spell on a certain spot? I remember the original has this ability and it was very useful.
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