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  1. so, i often find myself playing with random strangers that happen to want a different difficulty setting than i, which is is fine. however, the game chooses a setting somewhere in between of what everybody voted, which - at worst - leaves everybody unsatisfied. my suggestion would be to offer a map with a fixed difficulty for each; normal, hard, very hard and insane, so that you can choose what you want, and let the dota matchmaking system find players for you to play with that actually what the same toughness! you could still vote on the other settings in-game, just the difficulty would be preset. and if you don't care much about it, or want a random difficulty, you could still choose 'any' at the map selection! or just the one we have now with the voting system. i believe there are enough players to avoid empty lobbies, but right now, it's practically impossible to play an 'insane' map with strangers, which would be fun, you know, measuring strength, stealing strategies and what not. hope you consider it! cheers
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