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  1. I think way it works now, limits the "bouncing" effect, and I assume it's intentional. Let's say Dark Tower deals 1000 damage. Creep 1 has 500 HP. Creep 2 has 250 HP. - Dark Tower hits Creep 1 (500 - 1000) 500 leftover damage. - Creep 1 dies and "bounces" 500 damage to Creep 2 (250 - 500) 250 leftover damage. - Now there is 250 damage ready to be "bounced" but instead of calculating it (250 - 500) it is (250 - 250). Outcome is same, but it limits Dark Tower having insane "bouncing" kill-chain effect.
  2. Califax

    I am the 1%

    I have exact same issue. Also take a look on "Rainbow Defense", I completed this on 1 star, way back when achievements were released, but ever since it dosen't register higher stars, even if I meet the requirements.
  3. I think the whole leaderboard system could use some "reinforcement", both in dota and mobile versions.. I don't have any particular complains, just make it more stable - update faster - purge the cheaters.. I don't know, just some basic stuff.
  4. ~ IDEA ~ Speaking of talents.. Probably wont be bad idea to create very own talent tree system for the game. At wave 15 you have ability to choose cooldown reduction for your support towers, or empower the unique ability of your single element towers, or something similar.
  5. I figured out how the saving works, but it's still bugged.. Only arrow and cannon towers though, it simply dosen't save the upgrade.
  6. - Build arrow / cannon tower and upgrade it with any element. - Exit to main menu and load back in. - Tower is reset back to non-elemental state.
  7. Califax

    Magic Tower

    Right.. Wouldn't be first time I mess up the subforums, my bad.
  8. Califax

    Magic Tower

    Speaking of being overpowered.. Magic didn't get fixed in the great fix of upgrade cancel patch, so you can still reset its range with the trick.
  9. I have no clue.. I think leaderboard data goes through GetDotaStats, might be something on there too.. But I don't have actual inside information, need to wait devs to reply
  10. Yeah, leaderboards seems to be kinda broken on both, dota and mobile versions.. They should update somewhere near when you finish a game.
  11. Replays are broken on Valve's end.. Pretty sure there is nothing the EleTD guys can do other than wait :/
  12. Realized that 2x speed not only increases the game speed, but also zoom speed.. Dunno if it's intended or not.. Personally I don't have issue with it, but gonna report anyways..
  13. Well.. Since the dev version seems to be broken (psstt.. tell me if you want me to get the normal version and how) I took some time in sandbox mode and ended up with this. http://imgur.com/a/HtAUI and it looks really cool on 2x speed #HAILISBEA
  14. Eyaa.. So I haven't really been here since the Dota version "died out".. But I have been playin mobile version recently, It's really nice "afk-school-game" and I wanna bring up some (old) suggestions. Single-tap confirmation Currently you have to double-tap everything. Select a tower > yes, I want to build this. This is more like personal preference, but I would like to build / select everything with single-tap. Pause or "Always press start to begin the wave" I feel like the mobile version is "fast phased with akwardly slow selecting", I want some downtime so I can plan ahead. Pause simply pauses the game, but you can still access everything. Kinda like counterpart for 2x speed. Just simply give infinite downtime before waves, It's currently ~5sec? Drag to select tiles / towers Currently you have to tap every tower one by one to group select them. I would just like to drag my finger across the screen and select everything it touches. Again this is just personal preference. Top-down view There was dicussion before about rotating the camera, so you can select towers behind other towers more easily. But it wasn't possible. There could be little "minimap" that shows you top-down view of the playable area, or just simple grid. And you could select the tiles from it. I know you don't want useless shit in the UI and what not, but I think there should be better way to select the one little Light Tower middle of the cloned Hail army.
  15. https://hatinacat.com/leaderboard/search Search with your Steam name.
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