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  1. The Idea is fairly simple, however I dont know how simple to implement. I like to play with Ele TD with friends but it makes the game a lot harder especially with resistant waves to my element. My friend might build at the 7 or / location while I focus mid, clears the wave faster and I have a lot more trouble with my game. Sure, it's a way to spice thing up but sometimes just frustrating, because I cant reliably test a build. I have to play solo to test builds that I want to get a decent score with. The new mode would simply ignore the other players speed of waveclearing. Everything is the same, but you finish your wave, you get a new wave. You can see the score, the wave and all that which makes it a little competitive in another way, but I think this could improve the fun of the game and could be easy to do. What do you guys think?
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