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    0.5 Networth

    Net worth showing the wrong information. Even though I was on random and it didn't calculate the total net worth if I sold all towers. Not sure if it actually showed 75% or not, I will look into this tomorrow.
  2. Quark tower got both shield and hp (original photon cannon) thus it returns the wrong amount of gold when sold.
  3. Yeah, he got it just shortly after he actually contacted me (this thread to start with) It's really hard for me to make a contact time without knowing people exist
  4. Yeah, it's because we agreed to that if everyone but one takes easy but there is still a player that wants to play very hard we would let him do that. Since it won't really affect the easy players that much. But if everyone takes very hard except one and he wants to play on easy it will be very different. I think this is the reason if I remember correctly.
  5. Which version are you playing? In the newest 4.3b there are no nether dragons.
  6. You message me a time when you are online. There are lots of members in the group, and I've uploaded to countless of players. So even if you write in the temporary chat I got no idea who you are the next day, I only know that from the passed time I have uploaded the map to maybe at least 3 people. And that everything is fine. If you really want us to be online at the same time, just PM me. It's the fastest way of contacting since I might not post several times a day or actively test the map. I check the forums several times a day.
  7. If you choose player voting and a player leaves the game will be stuck and only randomly change the terrain. (this was when you chose difficulty to clarify)
  8. Indeed, it is part of why I sticked to Element TD (I usually become bored after a while with other td's) Although I would like a bit more rewarding in spending money on a static defense combined with selling/rebuying. Now you will just get ray/grenade until you got your first dual/focused tower if not longer. A problem that could then occur would be for those that play random that will instead not get ray/grenade towers.
  9. Just to clarify, the towers shoots at the most nearby creep until it changes target (and thus again shooting at the nearby creep).
  10. They are supposed to sell for 100%.
  11. Poison towers AoE increase is to slow to be helpfull. But different Poison Towers "stack". Towers can attack an opponents creeps. The upgrade bar is not showing unless you hover over the tower with your mouse.
  12. Level 23 no visible healthbar. One of the players did not spawn at the "original" spot, and it was not showed the networth value. Tsunami tower + upgrade does not show the level on it's ability. (the text on the tower is barely visible or hard to notice at times) Player 1 (I) heard a very annoying ticking sound and the minimap flashed as if the text was still writing something. I think there was something more. . . Replay coming soon. EDIT: Not sure if I can get hold of a replay. The game just crashed, and I didn't even got a crash reporter coming up. . . (the game was running abnormally slow)
  13. Did you try with "-gophers"?
  14. Yes, yes of course. But I don't think arrow or cannon towers fit in to that criteria
  15. Twilice

    ele td 0.5 sc2

    It can be really strong with some micro on certain places. But really weak as you said if nothing is done with it. Maybe an increase in the spread and speed would do fine. (now it just feels that the spinning is just an animation, either the creep gets hit by 2 or 0, only sometimes only hit by 1)
  16. Twilice


    It's better they report as they do now, and I will try and write a list with them. (it will be finnished soon)
  17. It's Element TD version 0.0 And sc2 version 1.3.2 (or do you already have 1.3.3? I thought it was coming tomorrow.)
  18. Twilice

    Tower Bugs

    Glacial towers frostbite can't target a creep because it's "out of range". Polar tower work as intended. DN - Disease, Decay, Death - Seems to be firing or triggering at an extreme rate. OP! DW - Poison, Pollution, Pestilence - Does not add AoE to any of the shoots. DEW - Muck, Mire - The buffs stack thus giving an extra slow. DLN - Obliteration, Annihilation - You can turn off autocast. FLN - Nova, Supernova - Does not slow but gives a status buff. - Nova upgrades to itself.
  19. Twilice

    Game bugs

    whoa, don't flood this part. I wanted to try and separate certain things so it's easier to pin down certain problems. I wonder if I can moderate this forum and move parts of your post.
  20. Twilice

    Game bugs

    General: Interest is given after 0 (14) and not when the clock strikes 0. The game forces you to leave after you have lost. Towers: You can build unlimited Pure towers. (periodic tower of elements can not be build unlimited) After you have researched your second "supply" periodic tower of the elements just randomly disappears. Towers hp bar doesn't represent their total cost. When a tower finish it's upgrade it's automatically selected. Creep: Creeps spawning to early ^Stopped spawn afterwards. (Normal Level) Replay Sc2 1.3.2 EleTD 0.0 Creeps stopped spawn (undead level) Replay Sc2 1.3.2 EleTD 0.0 No energy bar is shown for "special" creeps.
  21. Twilice

    Creep bugs

    Illusion creeps belongs to player 1 and is controllable. (confirmed) Reincarnated creeps seem to get their level modification status removed. (confirmed) **** In progress: General: Level 50 - leaves dead debris on the map for a long time. Level 53 - only 3 hp. HP bar isn't visible for all creeps. Image Creep: Imaged creeps are under control of player 1. It only has 1 hp. Images reduce your life by one. Mechanical Creep Undead Creep When reincarnated their difficulty status is removed. Healing Creep Fast Creep Element Boss
  22. To play a private map you must first have been in the lobby with the uploader of your realm (no need to actually play the map). Then go to single player and press "play vs AI". Now scroll down the list, it should be at the very bottom of it. Hint: it's labelled as a 12 player map. When you have found it simply press "create game" and then "start game". While in the game, don't forget to type -gophers before level 1 or the game will automatically exit. (sadly you can't invite people, but it's the only place where you can start the map yourselves. If you want to play multiplayer, contact the uploader in your area.)
  23. Nono, it's fine Also you died PLENTY of times after you left. There was an 8 hp level 3 fire that just run arround and arround and arround. . . and every time it reached the end you got eliminated. Towers was left there.
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