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  1. LoGaL

    ele td 0.5 sc2

    moreover sometimes it just misses attacks
  2. in the email there should be a password to type to avoid getting kicked
  3. LoGaL

    ele td 0.5 sc2

    helix tower does not work properly: most of the time if the enemies are not in a line it will attack just the first one and miss the others
  4. LoGaL

    ele td 0.5 sc2

    so far i noticed two things 1) after saving/loading the map all the towers built become small and it is possible to see the photon cannon model under them 2) gold towers just overkill ( they shot to an alrdy dead opponent ) or miss some attacks Element Tower Defense _3_.SC2Replay
  5. LoGaL

    ele sc2

    Bugs 1) gold tower miss attacks when creeps get out of range: i am sure it's a matter of mechanics but it decreases a lot their effectivness 2) since i had to save and then load again the map i noticed that the towers alrdy built became very small and i could see the photon cannon model under them Element Tower Defense _3_.SC2Replay Element Tower Defense _3_.SC2Replay
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