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  1. I'm using rainmeter and fences... so, first one with icons hiding, second one showing them.
  2. so... except for keeping changelogs, what's the point of this "Past & Present Versions" area, since SC2 maps can't be downloaded? =(
  3. geez, it's been a while. Right now I don't have any suggestions, but I'd recomend everyone to take a look at YouTD for WC3, it was my favorite TD on WC3. Lots of ideas from there... like selecting different types of builders, each with his own strenghts and weaknesses...
  4. soooo... I got schooled, received the message that I was the last survivor (playing with alguemx). He was still playing but no more creeps showed up. also, I couldn't get to update the map. Dunno if it's something to do with how alguemx publishes it, but I don't think it has anything to do. alguemx and I got some connection problems. when it cleared out, I could play the game just fine, he got left with a blank screen. aaaaand on the final note today, mobs stuck on exit and places where one can't build. All on the replay. But just to easy it up, the middle "isle" is dislocated a little, compared to EleTD from WC3. If all towers from ... better if I illustrate =p So, I remember that if I built towers from those 4 X's to the right, I'd get a perfect rectangle - like pictured above. the same doesn't happen on SC2. A "4 lines by 1 column" space is left unusable. Also, the top-middle plataform, when built from down to top leaves one more "line of squares" unusable. And then, the top-right plataform (at least for 2nd player) has the down-most, left-most square unusable, hence, rendering 3 other squares unusable when we start building from top-right to bottom-left. I hope I didn't confused you.... Element Tower Defense_alltowers.SC2Replay
  5. 1. What wave did you begin using it on? 15, right when I got all three elements. 2. Did you feel like you had a clear understanding of how it works? If not, what about it was confusing? actually... I didn't read. I had read before even here on the forums how it worked, so meh... Will check on it later, though. 3. How do you feel about the manual-click reload option? Do you think it makes the tower more fun or less fun? I felt like wasting time. Specially because of the 14s of cooldown. I found myself using manually the auto reload, because the cooldown would make me wait more than 4 seconds to manually reload again. 4. How do you feel about towers with clickable abilities in general? Have you ever used one (in any TD) that really stood out to you as good? What made it enjoyable? Never used, and I really don't feel like using again. Like my previous answer, feels like a waste of time. 5. Is there anything you didn't like about it? If so, what would you do differently? Everything. To make it better, reduce the cooldown to 0 - or something near, so that manual reload is at least more useful. Secondly, hide the autocast button so that it can't be disabled - making the manual reload a matter of "hey, watch it when it gets to 1 ammo!" I second daJake on the idea of the manual reload addind more ammo than the autoreload. But I also agree with rjg4242 in that I really prefer to just place the tower and watch creeps die. Hero mode, or something that would insert abilities (like some medieval-themed TDs have magics) that aren't tower-dependant are nice. One TD I like that has spells and just got an "expansion" is Cursed Treasure. Not a huge lot of tower types, but still an awesome game. Alas, another TD I loved from WC3 times was YouTD - looked a lot similar to EleTD in the elements aspect, but added a whole new level - different builders to select, each one giving a different set of "skills" to towers, you could gather XP from session to session with... gosh, I'm ranting too much, I'll keep these to a new topic on "Ideas" =p
  6. So... first thing: target tracking. Towers don't autoshoot the first creep on the track, more like to "shoot a random creep". Disease tower asks for Darkness 1 + Earth 1, instead of Darkness 1 + Nature 1 - tooltip only, works as intended. -level code still won't work when creeps won't appear anymore. randomly, creeps stop appearing (first game on 0.1 with alguemx, they stopped appearing when we cleared lvl 48) - undead wave? I built a lot of light towers to make sure I was covering the whole map and that no creeps got left behind. alguemx reported a blinking light on the human interface. I was playing with protoss interface, didn't see anything. also, when a player leaves, their resources get shared with players that stay in game. alguemx had 400k+ minerals, and when he left, I received it all (standard behavior for SC2 games) when selecting multiple towers and telling them all to upgrade, sometimes the upgrade bar won't even show up. when selecting multiple towers and telling them to sell, they'll sell one at a time. Beats the "mass sell" idea of selecting multiple towers. Congrats for fixing the "unlimited pure essence" bug! I was unable to build a pure element tower without the essence Element Tower Defense_ 0_1.SC2Replay
  7. yeah, I've sent Kara a PM before but got no answer... if you need localization for pt-BR, I'm up for the job
  8. should work the same way -level command works, changing the difficulty mid-game. Would be awesome for tower testing. Also, if -level could work after level 61's been triggered (currently it doesn't)
  9. multiplayer hosting isn't possible if you're not publisher. =( anyway, I'll keep testing tomorrow. If alguemx isn't available, at least Karawasa said vs. AI works nite!
  10. Karawasa, care to delete this? Already included it on my list.
  11. I read this while playing with alguemx. Thought it would happen to me too, but no... got to wave 61 just fine.
  12. First game ever: + SC2 version, LA realm + Map version: 0.0?, game hosted by alguemx + Very Easy setup + Used max, mineral and lives codes. Game ended for me when I used "-lives 100" + 2 players 1- FNL1 won't upgrade to FNL2. Allows upgrade, takes money, shows progress, but won't upgrade. 2- Some creeps wouldn't even trigger tower attack. First "serious" game: + SC2 version, LA realm + Map version: 0.0?, game hosted by alguemx + Very Easy setup + no codes used + 2 players 1- minerals got "bumped" somewhere along the road. Took some time away from SC2 while playing, came back and there was a LOT more than there should be. 2- pure essences limits only Periodic building, not Elemental Tower's upgrade. 3- Light tower got range nerfed from WC3? I remember L5 on the middle covering almost entire map. (already answered) 4- Got to level 61 and... no happy ending. Replay attached. Element Tower Defence.SC2Replay Second game: + SC2 version, LA realm + Map version: 0.0, game hosted by alguemx + Normal setup + no codes used + 6 players 1- Defeated/disconnected players' ground isn't cleared. Towers and builder stay. 2- Scoreboard shows only first (red) player's life and worth. (already being taken care of, in another part of forum) 3- Most tower range seems... bugged. Third game: + SC2 version, LA realm + Map version: 0.0, game hosted by alguemx + Normal setup + no codes used + 4 players 1- No bonus for clearing wave first =( 2- Wave 5, 8 doesn't show health bars 3- Magnify (DF) tower won't charge 3- Revive creeps give money when they die both times? Misc in-game: - No tower had real names (Drowning, Eternal, etc), always something like a tag "Unit/Name/LW1". - Same thing for every little single thing around my screen. Even money popups from dead creeps. - Lot of debug around the screen with those tags. -- This seemed to be a localization problem, from second game onward towers and everything else looked fine. + Scoreboard wasn't "readably" available. I figured after sometime what was my current wave/next wave numbers, and interest timer, but never found out life counter. + Plataform for towers on top left of the map won't let all 16 towers "available" to be built. Player 1 has 1 space less on the bottom right of that plataform, Player 2 has 1 space less on the bottom left of that plataform. + Typo on message for buying Pure Essence, says "Pure essance upgrade captured" instead of "essence". + Deceit tower can acumulate 7 towers at the same time? Dunno if it's a bug... I thought it should keep only one tower at any time. + After getting 2 Pure Essences, the Pure Essence button dissapears? 2 is max? + Same question for Interest. 3% is max? Towers: + Magnify/Amplify/Intensify (DF) don't charge + Upgrade to Intensify tooltip shows "Charges up each second. Damage is 12..." + What's the difference between Disease/Decay/Death? All three abilities say "Damage equal to (Max HP/Current HP)*6" + Deceit, Fountain and Factory's range visualizer won't go away when tower is deselected. + Well/Spring/Fountain, Forge/Foundry/Factory towers won't autocast? + Quark and Radius tower buttons exist, but are disabled. + Torrent (LNW) ability tooltip incomplete. Shows 7 out of 10 damage levels. + Torrent upgrades to itself instead of Tsunami. Takes money away, shows progress bar, but when completed, won't swap towers. + Nova upgraes to itself instead of Supernova. Same as above. + Nova attacks even when there are no creeps in range. + Flamethrower upgrade button disabled on Magnify tower. + After wave 61 is activated, -level command doesn't work. + Phasor tower uses 6 "supply"/Pure essence? - If I didn't oversaw anything, there's 61 towers available now (counting Periodic) - since I'm counting all the buildable ones, not the disabled ones. - Full tower replay Element Tower Defense LA.SC2Replay Misc out-of-game: Map is listed on singleplayer vs. AI - as Karawasa said on shoutbox Map is listed on multiplayer under Favorites, but when I try to host I get "map is unavailable" error. Comments: Sad to see 2 Darkness-triple disabled, Radius and Flamethrower. -=edit=- decided to go along the format Jello made
  13. I find it so sad - and limiting - that only publishers get to create games... =( anyway to change that, Karawasa?
  14. FLN1 won't upgrade to FLN2.
  15. way to go Karawasa! o/ congrats and thanks! =D
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