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  1. I'll show you where they were -- its the left hand wall spot just after spawn. |-------- |ooo |ooo |-------- 2 screenshots taken back to back I noticed the bottom right tower moved. Then the bottom left tower moves to the top right when upgraded But what is strange is the top 3 had no issues, so it seems to be amplified bumping against amplified above them causing the problem
  2. Seems like a great way to skip the boring intro levels, but nobody votes for it..?
  3. I can confirm this - I had a setup of earth towers like this ooo ooo and after upgrading they were oooo xoxo
  4. I've had this happen twice, its just blacked out. I figured it was cause I alt-tab during the load screen
  5. fruit kill counter seems to be broken - see screenshot. opponent that was dead shows as -1 and i'm not on it but i killed lots
  6. Saw this happen today and the guy was flipping out, position of tower should be in this screenshot.....
  7. I had this happen today too... it just cycles through the intro over and over again lol...
  8. LOL, happened again a few games later, this time after wave 30 Element Tower Defense wave bug 2.SC2Replay
  9. Got to wave 29, then the waves stopped coming. Nothing stuck on door this time.... replay just in case you need it... Element Tower Defense undead bug.SC2Replay
  10. Just had this happen right off the bat at level 20 on a Fire Elemental 2 -- Edit: Happened on the very next game too, Water Elemental 2 Edit: 3rd time in a row, seems like a problem with level 2 and 3 elementals
  11. 1. What wave did you begin using it on? Wave 18 with -min command I made 6 of them. 2. Did you feel like you had a clear understanding of how it works? If not, what about it was confusing? No. Tooltips and descriptions confusing, and animations overlapping with charge bar make it near-impossible to see how many charges. What do the buttons do and why are there 2 buttons? Pressing C does nothing as far as I can tell. If someone can explain how this is designed to work I will try to micro it but right now I don't get how to make it work. 3. Was the tower "fun" to use? Not at all. See above. When you have more than 1 (I had 6) they all have different charge levels. How are you supposed to synchronize them? 4. Fun aside, did it feel like an effective choice? Was it worth the investment? I was not leaking with simply 6 amplified fire/dark towers and when I made them all Magnify I was leaking 3-5 each wave 5. Is there anything you didn't like about it? If so, what would you do differently? Pretty much everything. I miss Magic tower, that was my favorite tower in wc3. If you are going to keep it, you need to make the descriptions understandable and simplify it.
  12. Great updates today... I played all random, short mode and made it to level 60 before losing. Some weird things that came up -- - At 60 I lost but it still said I won, and the ronalds box popped up, it was something to the effect of "you have lost" "you have won" both at the same time - Around lvl 57 I got this glitch - every tower's range markers showed up permanently - Whenever I try to watch the replay, half way through my SC2 crashes to desktop, not sure if this just my system or what I have to say its almost at release quality already. Nice job....
  13. Disease tower seems to be hitting every mob at the same time and is insanely OP as such. Upgrading it is also bugged - the requirements list E1, D1 but even if you have both E2 and D2 you cannot upgrade it to Decay. Celerity tower is missing its left tooltip completely. Celerity and Velocity are OP as well. Quake tower AoE is non-functional - animation is there but not the damage. Functions just fine on Seismic.
  14. Yeah this is what happened, and I didn't even notice until I watched the replay... looks like 3 lurkers all tried to get through the exit at the same time and got stuck.
  15. I'm sitting here at level 30 and the levels just stopped coming.... how do i post a replay? edit - posted replay edit2 - it is mobs stuck on the exit - updated title to reflect this Element Tower Defense _3_.SC2Replay
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