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  1. Hey, I like the proposed change(s). My only concern is the Standard mode timer - as mentioned. It needs to be matched quite closely to prevent people getting bored while waiting. Other modes seem to be exactly what's needed. In Extreme Mode, make sure that Life Towers don't give lifes at all, or they give lives once per 9/6/3 kills always, as any gain is above the starting pool.
  2. Should we create new topics for 0.1 reports, or continue posting and updating the old ones? With a lot of changes, I'm not sure what would be more comfortable for you guys to read. Also, I didn't want to spam with new topic, but are the "Tower Ideas" a closed thing, or you still accept suggestions for significant tower changes before the final release?
  3. I think you're referring to the Illusion waves, waves of creeps that create illusions when attacked. The illusions run as the creeps did, and disappear shortly after.
  4. Moriquendu

    Bugs etc

    Means the tower is attacking 220% faster, which means 220% more attacks per second, which means 1 * (1 + 2.2) = 3.2 attacks per second, which means 1/3.2 = 0,3125 attacks per second. I don't know why it says 0,33 as you say, but it certainly shouldn't be "a lot more", so it seems correct
  5. Ok, didn't know that. Thanks for clearing up.
  6. Same with Disease Tower, and most probably it's upgrades too.
  7. No, it's actually attacking very fast (Every 1/256th of a second, or how much is the lowest "update" timer in StarCraft II. Hell, I am still Diablo II-minded). It starts lagging my PC and you can see healthbars going down, and animations firing, constantly, since the moment it first locked on it's target, till it's down. I didn't check the actual -number- there, but that's what makes it kill everything in a glimpse.
  8. It's possible that "range 0" is not actually "0 range from the unit", but "the melee range of the unit". So it's not necessarily a direct *3, because of the constant factor (/\ pure guess, I don't know much about StarCraft editor and the actual settings, but I think it could be that way).
  9. Supply is probably occupied by Laser Tower (Laser Tower seems to take 6 supply), or it's upgrades. Celerity Tower and Velocity Tower attack incredibly fast, as if their passive "on attack" effect went off with no cooldown, not only on the actual attack. Game sitting at 61 is I think "intended", as in, ending not yet implemented
  10. I think it's already been mentioned by the terrain developer, that these units will have their minimap appearance turned off. I don't remember where did I read it, though.
  11. I think that's how it's supposed to work; shooting the target it's locked on with a slow AoE projectile, which explodes at some point away from the tower. That's why it needs smart positioning. it seems underwhelming (at least on Very Hard), but I suppose it's just a matter or proper placement and micromanaging.
  12. I very like the idea of having a UI for selecting towers and placing them from Menu instead of builder. Maybe even placing basic Dual Element towers from some crafty menu, though it would probably be TOO comfortable with the -random rebuilding habit.
  13. I think the range on the usable ability of old "Tidal Tower" is too short and does not cover tower range. But I need to re-test it. It also misses some kind of "buff" or tooltip update, to reflect how many charges are actually accumulated - That would help a lot.
  14. First of all, I'm amazed by the detail of the various terrains. Really nice job done there. - My suggestion is to utilize more of this terrain. Many people play the game mostly on single-player, without the possiblity to choose the slot or color. Even if they play on multiplayer, it's usually not a full-house game. So after a while, everyone will have enough of the Jungle tileset for red player, and players Blue/Teal/Purple will be quite used to it as well. Other terrains will be very little 'inhabited', usually. So I'd like to ask if there's a possibility to randomize start locations. I'm totally not an expert in SC2 editor, so I don't know the effort required, but it would be a waste not to have people play on different tilesets and environment! - My other suggestion is, remove the water from the Blue / Protoss Jungle map. It looks nice, but it can be an FPS killer, if you got a weaker machine and Reflections on, especially with all the light sources (explosions, units) around in lategame. It also seemed to make units less visible. - The Zerg environment (player 8) looks awesome.
  15. Added it to the list too, thanks. Btw, I love the coloured icon when select your Element Center in a control group
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