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  1. no minerals normally u start with a certain amount of minerals to build your first towers.. and the players said that they got 0
  2. it was from the very beginning... i choose the options "Host, Easy (as lowest), got Hard for myself, All Random and the other 2 i choose normal mode. A player left during loading screed, maybe that has something to do with the problem... no idea
  3. Hi. Like topic says, no one in that game except me got minerals.. dunno why that happened. Replay attached. MfG havoc 2011_06_24 16_15_31 MD5_8ZMi6u3NQeE4FAkG7_s90p.SC2Replay
  4. Hello fellas, as the Topic says, I would like to ask the Team of Element TD to promote me to a EU Map-Provider. Twilice is doing a great job of course, dont get me wrong there, but I noticed that I'm almost never at the same time online as him, which means that I could fill that time quiet good. As for myself, a Warcraft 3 ElementTD addict, it would mean I can enjoy hosting my favorite map all the time. In addition, I would post all the bugs, over/underpowered beings and/or improvement suggestions of the people I'm playing with in the Forums. Thats all. Think about it. -havoc // myM
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