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  1. What about a single target tower that has 2 kind of attacks, 1 normal attack. And 1 attack that fires at random targets. A simple but fun concept.
  2. I was wondering how long this would take. Do you have any custom maps ala dota 2 insider information? Like will custom maps be free, or do you buy them? Or will it be like some sort of pennant.
  3. http://www.reddit.com/r/DotA2/comments/252nt8/production_has_begun_on_element_td_from_the/ Do you know anything about this? Rumours say that dota 2 custom maps will be able to generate money just like cosmetics. No official tools yet though, only scripting.
  4. Twilice

    ded gaem :(

    So is there anything going on arround here apart from spambots?
  5. I also can't seem to find the "view new content".
  6. Aw crap... I hate all those param/value stuff, because it used to be part of problematic localization problems. On which server are you playing on if you get those messages?
  7. ^Same here, but that's probably because my computers graphics card is both newer and more expensive than my processor. Is it possible to put the water as optional? Since it's actually one thing that reduces my fps by quite more than I think it should.
  8. Well actually, I've never though about it before, but what about a big overhaul in the damage amplifications. Elemental damage deals a minor bonus damage to ordinary elements. But a huge decrease (less than 50%) to the element it's weak against. It wouldn't solve the periodic tower being to powerful issue, but it would rather be a workaround to make several tier 3 more appealing. While also make the use of -more different types of damage towers- over support towers. Lets theorycraft with some made up numbers, The powers for a single element, lets say fire Fire: 110% Water: 30% Light: 110% Darkness: 110% Earth: 110% Nature: 200% Getting different types of elements, lets say you have 3 main elements with equal strength in your tower worth. Fire / Earth / Darkness Fire: 110% Water: 113% Light: 113% Darkness: 110% Earth: 110% Nature: 113% I know that currently it's already a similar case, where using 2 elements would benefit it in this way: Fire / Earth / Darkness Fire: 100% Water: 116% Light: 116% Darkness: 100% Earth: 100% Nature: 116% Maybe I'm thinking in a wrong direction to solve the problem? Or maybe it's a good direction to solve the problem, but new ones arrive. Single element being very very weak vs an element.
  9. An overhaul of the ray/grenade tower models. And ray missile model. But it could possibly be more fitting to have that in aim for HotS.
  10. I had studied quite a lot during the recent days (had the test yesterday). I'm sorry for the inconvenient delay.
  11. Twilice

    Showdown Mode

    I think the mode sounds like a good idea, it shows who can defend the most while the least amount of minerals, until someone leaks. Sort of like you will only get money when your defenses are at it's utmost to be broken. Some problems though: The losing player will enter a snowball in losing -> the other players get stronger defenses, leaking player get nothing thus probably leaks again -> repeat. How does it work with different amount of people -> the more players the more minerals in play, if the minerals gained would be to be reduced per player, you need to have 7 players leaking to get the same as if only 1 player were leaking in comparison to 8 and 2 players. And that's a lot of difference (86% of everyone leaking vs 50%) Hm, are there any more "big" problems? If we can come up with a good solution for the issues it sounds like a really funny mode.
  12. Twilice


    If a player end up leaking a lot at level 1, the only change is that he will end up leaking even more levels eventually. In the end the only thing that changes is that they are victimized slower. And when most players that don't really know how to play (but they at least built towers) start to leak, it's usually past level 10-15 if not even later when combined elemental powers are needed. They will still lose 1 life. I think it's just an unnecessary change that brings another piece of information for beginners. What really needs to change is the way the menu works, it's just to many options. And after the game started, a new player that plays the map again might face something completely different without really knowing why. And I'm not sure if random or non-random is easier for a new player, it might be confusing with random. But at least they get elemental towers. The reason why squadron TD for example might be more popular is that no matter what the modes are, your basic thing to do as a player is to build towers for the money you get from kills by building towers. Better towers cost more money. Then from that information you learn other strategies and such and get more advanced into gameplay to improve like getting builders and so on. But at least you can play it by just building towers. I think the core values of Element TD somehow needs to be high lightened and then all other kind of information buried to be accessed with more effort. (those looking for it will find it, those not looking for it will not be confused) Right now Element TD seems to want to aim for the casual, adding more "fun modes" to deter from the competitive which occasionally turns away casual players. But what I think it actually does is making it even more confused for the first timers whit all the massive flow of information that can -easily- be accessed even without really wanting to. I'm not saying more modes are worse, because they will probably attract casuals, but only if they actually continue to play it and try them out. I'm just saying that more modes should be some kind of extra choice menu burrowed in some kind of "advanced settings". Element TD needs to focus on the fundamental things in order to catch a player the very first time, a player might want to try it a second and a third time if they just understand what you are supposed to do. And if they did that, then they maybe want to try different things. Okay so what I mean is, we need to help the confused leaking player in a direction in how to play. Instead of just giving them a disservice and making them repeat the same mistake for a longer period of time. The core of Element TD for me is: - basic Build towers. Summon elements to gain stronger towers every 5 levels. Use elemental strengths to kill a wave, be careful of elemental weakness. - advanced Live on the edge (less money spent = more money gained) - competitive Game ends when there is 1 player left standing, and players affect each other by making the creep wave spawn. (this is something I personally would not like to see go, but I guess it's something that either needs to be focused more upon, or less upon.) EDIT: TL:DR I think it's the wrong way to appeal to first timers.
  13. Twilice

    New Mode

    Go to the arcade, and instead of joining a game as normal, go to create private game. All set
  14. It downloads automatically when you choose to play it in Starcraft 2.
  15. Good call! How will the arcade work later on? Do we still need region specific maps?
  16. Hm, my old ETD mousepad is getting worn out. Hehehe. But I don't know, I haven't played it in a pretty long time. It's somehow not so appealing to me anymore. But I would gladly help in any way possible.
  17. There is a small gold goblin running arround, when he takes damage you get money. You only get gold for killed creeps, you can send creeps to yourself. <.< Meh I don't know. I tried to think about it, but I didn't come up with something original that could also be a fitting gameplay.
  18. I don't know how advanced the sc2 editor is, but what if you klick on a tower (opt. and it has a special ability on it) it will start to count the avarage dps and show it.
  19. Twilice

    Maze Mode

    Rocks are so boring But the map with 8 players is laggy as it is already. What about removing grenare/ray towers as markers for support towers?
  20. Yeah why confuse with standard / classic / normal etc. Just have Tower Wars or Tower Defence as the two options. Shouldn't be hard to figure out what is what.
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