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  1. I tried to make a port of the original 4.3b, this should probably be more stable than the version you tried. Keep in mind that this is an unofficial version, only ported for the sake of legacy. *I will upload a beta once it's more stable and some changes are made to not make it seem like an official version. ** I don't seem to be able to fix the upgrade tech issue, it's not a script issue (tested it very throughgly) and all the datavalues are correct. But still in reforged the tech and level requirements are somehow scrambled. Meaning, if you have water then you can only build water. But you can upgrade that water to water + nature combo, even though you clearly didn't have nature. *** Final edit *** So I managed to fix the tech upgrade bug among some other. It's not super tested with many players, but it should be more stable than all the other ports for now. Element TD 4.3c beta.w3x
  2. I still played lots of Warcraft 3 after the release of the open source version and I don't recall any popular continuations. If there was an co-op version it probably had a very very old version as base. But we never had a co-op version in our versions.
  3. Is it still an issue on EU or America server? I think those are the only regions with the updated patch for starcraft 3.0+
  4. The effect should not stack, meaning it should stay at 10% bonus damage even though you have 2 of them. The damage dot should stack meaning 2 of them still deals damage. But there is currently a bug in the new patch where corrosion tower applies far far to many stacks. It is not intended behavior and will be fixed.
  5. The effects do not stack with themselves.
  6. Create custom lobby and put a password on it.
  7. Twilice

    Target priority

    It's already implemented for several towers, for example life towers will acquire the lowest hp target and fire at it. Impulse tower will acquire the target furthest away. It is not currently possible to manually switch target acquisition per tower.
  8. If you play random interest can make it almost an instaloss, or if you are lucky an instant win. If it were to be added, it should be banned from random.
  9. It's more of an annoyance than a problem. It just feels weird that the camera can't be moved more. If you zoom out the problem increases instead of decreases, try moving to the bottom corner of lava or ruins area and zoom out.
  10. It's rather annoying that the chat is defaulted to allies since every player is an enemy, and it seems most players don't realize that their message can't be seen. Often there won't be any chatting unless you explicitly tell them they have to write in all chat for it to be shown.
  11. If you spawn in the positions to the far left or far right (summer,ruins,mines,lava) it feels like the camera is "stuck" because you can't move it more in one of the directions.
  12. There should be a tab that also shows singletarget towers. They are feeling left out. Also it would be cool to have some indicator to if you can upgrade a tower, like either a tab that highlights all available T2/T3 towers or a number/indicator besides the icons.
  13. There should be a setup time to prepare for the incoming storm that is the balanced OSfrog. Even if you are the only one alive the icefrogs will spawn before the last wave is cleared.
  14. Twilice

    Missing hotkeys

    Normal hotkeys: The summoning center are missing hotkeys for nature and earth elemental. Legacy hotkeys: If you play with legacy hotkeys, there is no hotkey for selling and the towers are using the wrong hotkeys. For example darkness is w and water is v. It seems you can't use custom hotkeys, but legacy hotkeys should be able to act as custom hotkeys. So if you use legacy hotkeys you get all the standard w for water, e for earth etc.
  15. Oh, I didn't know about arrow towers no longer refunding in ap, good to know!
  16. Twilice

    Visual bug

    How does it look if you start a normal dota map?
  17. I might be sleeping by the time it is released if it's going to be today. But looking forward to it later, I really like very hard, same random because it feels like the most competitive, without random it feels like it becomes a game of knowledge and with normal random it becomes a game of luck. P.S. I found the leaderboards
  18. I will probably be a bit ringrusty, but is anyone interested in some competitive, very hard, same-random after the release?
  19. You have to enter the Arcade tab, there is where all the custom maps are. It's a bit confusing since the other tabs outright says multiplayer and custom.
  20. I published the same fixed version on the America server, it goes under the name "Element TD" instead of "Element Tower Defense". All traction is probably lost so Element TD might not be top played again on America region, but at least now it's playable without having to switch server. I don't know if I should publish to asia regions as well? They seemed to have a another ToS that I couldn't read
  21. I updated the Europe version to an unofficial 1.49 in order to work with starcraft 3.0 better. It includes: - Fixed laser towers being able to attack - Fixed creeps getting instantly teleported to the exit
  22. Confirmed, Laser Tower does nothing at all.
  23. Nah, dota 2 has a currently in alpha "world editor". It's very much work in progress. But full custom maps are planned. I don't know any details on how it will work out with prices and such. Dota 2 is fully gameplay free, only custom cosmetica / tickets costs money. But I actually wouldn't be surprised if the custom maps would cost a small ammount of money. Because they are regarded as custom. (and the creator gets a bit of that money of course)
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