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  1. There is a big problem in tower wars right now. Since you get an income by sending creeps only for the next income wave, whenever there are atleast 2 decent players in the game, it eds with a draw eventualy, because you are still getting the same amount of money, so you keep sending the creep of same strenght, but towers get better over time. You just cant kill each other no matter what you do. So I dont really understand this design decision, why shouldnt you keep atleast some of the income permanently like in all other tower wars? This should solve this problem easily.
  2. Make someones towers invisible (and mb their attacks as well) so he cannot upgrade for some time and has to remember where he has placed them. Invert worker movement (he will go to the oposite side than you click), not sure what do do with building towers (you will have to build just under you? Or you will build at a different place than you want if you just click there?) Worker wont be able to walk on the creep path and he will move slower as well Nothing else i can think of right now that makes atleast a little sence =P
  3. and what bout this one guys? : https://forums.eletd.com/index.php?showtopi...amp;#entry21473 I think it would look better and also fit the style of Element TD more (different for every area). Help get more supporters as well as posting your own ideas there!
  4. My idea was that the "lore" (or however to call it) of the area is terran defending against waves of zerg, whereas the pink one is sort of a zerg home, which should be killed by something non zergy, but whatever can do the job even if it doesnt fit the "lore" as long as it looks good ^^
  5. Well, I guess you are right. At first it seemed to me like too big of a change, but at least it will make the game a little bit more challenging =) Lets see how it wil turn out (its only 1% anyway =P ).
  6. Eh, I just played it and it seems like you have increased the interest limit to 3 instead of decresing it to 1. Was it a mistake, or is the changelog wrong?
  7. This patch sounds mostly nice, lag reduction was needed and shorter loading time is also a nice thing to have. I am especialy looking forward to the new forge projectile =) But only ONE interest?! Why? =( If i remember well it was 3 in wc3 and you are reducing it again? The thing about interest is its kinda risk to take, because you dont have any strong towers to help you survive. Its true that you can take interest with both first and second gas and keep rebuilding the basic towers, but its not that easy on higher difficutly levels and its not a reson to completely remove it in my opinion. What about putting a level requirement on the second level of interest? (like 15 or 20)
  8. Already some time ago (i dont remember the exact version) there has been something like this in the changelog: "builds section changed to reflect the current map", but you can still chose interest 3 times, while its possile only twice in the actual game. Just saying =)
  9. I had only one pure essence, but i accidently double clicked my tower, so i was upgrading into 2 pures at thge same time. As usual, it gave me the message that i dont have enough pure essence, BUT: both the towers dissapeared and i got money only for the upgrade into pure (18200 for both tower), but nothing for the previous levels of the tower. Why is it possible to upgrade to pure if you dont have the essence anyway? It should be pretty easy to just put the essence requirement to the upgrade instead of what its currently doing (selling back after you build it).
  10. The muck tower model isnt centered. It is in the top right corner of the selection circle and you can see a little bit of tiny photon cannon under it.
  11. The strange bug (only some nova towers get their attack disabled when creeps come to their range, you have to start it manualy every single wave) is still not fixed. Replay attached, hope it helps. Element Tower Defense _ Nova bug.SC2Replay
  12. Yup, same dps is definitely not everything. There are a lot of other aspects. For expamle if you have a tower with 5 dmg every second and other with 10 dmg every 2 seconds. If you have a wave with 5 hp creeps, the first tower does 2 times mre dammage even though they bot have the same dps. On the other hand, if it takes the creep (some with higher hp) like 2.1 seconds to walk around the tower, the faster dower does 15 dmg to it, wheres the slower does 20 dmg. You cannot tell which one is better, but they are definitely not the same. Slower projectile is obviously always worse (unless its a tower you want to last hit with (gold is a good expamle), so before the projectile reaches the target other towers start it off)
  13. I think we shouldnt change stats of the basic tower, since they are the most balanced ones, but i agree different projectiles would be nice. Even projectile speed should stay the same, so the change is only cosmetic (btw can you change the colour of projectile, so the colours can stay the same as well?)
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    Well, this is not gona work in multiplayer, since the next wave starts after the first player kills all his creeps. (Unless they all do it of cource =P )
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