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  1. It is tomorrow for us already *Also I am home much earlier than predicted, but instead I might not have so much play time. But I will be able to host it occasionally during the whole day. EDIT: Oh I will be/am in the "Element TD" chat.
  2. I barely got any sleep tonight But I might be around at about 18:00 cet. But for certain I will probably be around after about 19:00 cet. Before that time I will be relatively busy with school and some other stuff.
  3. Just like every other version, it's automatically downloaded on battle.net when you try to play it on Starcraft 2.
  4. Wait so you lose more experience the harder the difficulty ?
  5. ^So fruit revives at the start after being killed?
  6. I accidentally my latest version T.T Oh well, at least I still have the working non-artistic and bad game design version. So anyways I've taken my first step towards (maybe) becoming a real game programmer. I haven't started any of such courses yet though since it's not typed into stone. It's a very wide education, I am not sure but I think it corresponds to masters degree in computer science and computer engineering (it's actually really hard to find the correct translation I've heard it once but forgot).
  7. Enough with this versus already, dota is far from dead and you know it. As for element td, it's not as immortal as you think. All "solo" games today are either very simple or a large adventure/rpg/platform game. We need the added multiplayer experience, seeing the players on starcraft 2, they are not the same as they were at wc3. Those who play the custom games are either not playing ladder (casual) or those that play a lot including ladder and custom. So what we have is very demaning players that wants to relax from playing ladder, but eventually they will get bored. (example, me) And for the other players it will be confusing always trying to find "the best" build. If I would have played element td as it is now for the first time I would be very confused, the icons and layout of starcraft 2 is not as clear as in wc3 for a combination of all the towers we have it is the same for all animations and attacks. In starcraft 2 it was made discrete in a showing way to not lose oversight of the battlefield because of all the units. In wc3 you had a lesser ammount of units and a hero which means you really needed to see the spells and attacks instead of discrete attacks. A new element td would be far better of with a game with magics instead of metal "warcraft 4". Now I think a change is needed to make the game more multiplayer, but it would make the game seem even more complex. If we want to do the change we need to "really" do the change and make it the core of element tw/td.
  8. Twilice

    Standard mode

    Derp, it just shows how much effort I have put into this the last month. Sorry guys
  9. It's a bit silly that the level starts for everyone if everyone has finished the level. At least in standard mode since you have nothing in common with the other players really except for that if you rush to kill all your creeps and then sell to get income or you time build like interest comes in 10 second the wave in 8 you plan and get the required things to quickly build the thing you need just after interest timer hits 0. But then somehow everyone has beaten the level and it starts to many seconds earlier and you lose the interest and you might leak. It punishes some players for playing smart. And it also stresses people that wants to play standard because they dislike that the first player beaten the level starts it. I mean if you know you got 20 seconds to chill out, you suddenly don't want a new timer saying you only got 3 seconds.
  10. The well tower doesn't slow down the reload time of obliteration thus making the waiting time even longer. It doesn't increase it's damage output much really since it still has to reload the same amount of time. It will do x% more damage output when it is not loading, so it will do more damage but not as much as it should.
  11. Only lacks moving stuff to avoid or attack (it would really be awesome to lets say send a bunch of skeletons to a player, each hit the player takes increase the slow value, the timers are independent of each other.) Same with stunning units, lets say a big ultralisk enters your area. Either you just wait him out being basically permanently stunned or you try to avoid him. Thoughts about that? It's basically the same, just that it's a bit more mechanics behind stun x/2x/3x/4x seconds. It could lets say increase the mob move speed or attack rate. It could even be falling bombs you have to avoid or you get stunned by a great duration. In order to prepare for this mode some towers would need to have it's micro reduced. (like "tidal").
  12. ^ the creep one is exactly what I meant. Both players actually got an option, first the attacker in the way he uses a spell. And then the defender can try to avoid or reduce the effect of a spell.
  13. Sorry for the delay, I have been gone for a few days without any computers. But I am home now and I am uploading it now!
  14. Yeah, I am not really a fan of making the "standard" Element TD to use the weapons as a choice for either Towers or Weapons. They should be an extra option that everyone can use, not a replacement of towers.
  15. Then I certainly doesn't like the fact to buy stuff with your minerals.
  16. Remember this is an extra mode, right? Now the way I was thinking with super weapons was more weapon like. Btw have anyone of you played enfos hero defence? I was kind of thinking of the spells in that way. You can summon disabling elements mostly stun but also crippling. Then you can summon creeps that will attack your enemies, they will have to chose to either fire at the walking creeps to not leak or focus at the attacking creeps to prevent the towers from getting destroyed. There are also a few minor helpful spells like "despell" to remove enemy debuffs and/or also damage enemy summons. Or a damage bonus aura or something similar. I am not really a fan of buying your spells instead of towers. Destroyed towers should refund at least 75%. Using the spells should be a strategy that runs "besides" you in super weapons instead of choosing to get items or towers. Losing a tower should not be the end of your game, only increase the odds that you leak and the faster you rebuild the more "rewarded" you are. Creeps are stronger depending on which level it is, stuns are constant throughout the game. When using the "weapons" your really want them cosmetically to be there, and the impact should be big. But it should not be the end for you if you are fast. There should always be a counter to everything or at least some preparation. Nothing should be instant, but there could be like lets say a force sell for 100% and it will be acknowledged to you so you can prepare for the tower to be sold. For example those attacking creeps, you could use offensive (well defensive) spells towards them to slow them down so you can focus on those last runaways. Or similar to force sell you can sleep towers for a long time, a counter is to rebuild the towers totally for example. I don't know if it explains good enough to show the heading I want with this. If you are able to steal money, what is the purpose of saving it instead of building more towers. A steal gimmick could be good, but it needs to be reworked then since it really takes away the reason to farm interest or saving money to be able to rebuild.
  17. Total Blackout: Everything turns black, you only got a very very narrow vision over your worker (this is for all players). Stupify: Temporarily swaps control with a player. (still in progress to prevent abuse) Overgrowth: Targets a location where a visible trap will be seen it takes 5 seconds to come "online". It's pretty big, the worker will get stuck for a period of time if he touches the trap will it's activated and the trap will disappear. Does not affect towers or creeps. Blind: Every creep in a random area will be invisible to the towers only. (player must use scan / dust to reveal your par of the map) (your own area can be randomed) Zealot rush: A "harmless" zealot will enter the chosen area, it doesn't deal damage but it will attack the worker rendering it paralyzed (stun duration is shorter then the cooldown so you can run away). The worker must attack to kill it (worker is ranged and faster then the zealot). Several zealots can not spawned at the same time. Zergling rush: Spawns a horde of zerglings at the creepspawn, they will follow the creeps path until they encounter a tower in range (like 8 range) then they will go rampage attacking everything. Zerglings get stronger as the level gets higher. Destroyed towers refund for 25%. Tower can be repaired and can only be sold if they got full hp.
  18. The fruit level started early even though none had beaten level 60. Standard mode, normal. None left iirc. One player was schooled. Also cloned towers could be upgraded, you lose the money, and eventually also the tower.
  19. It shouldn't be. Unless I uploaded the same version . . . fail I must tripple check this asap! EDIT: nopp it's 0.80b you got me worried for a moment there
  20. Just play it via Sc2 as normal. It updates automatically.
  21. While we are at it, I dislike the models. They just look to much . . . doodads.
  22. I think it would hurt those interest users more then it would hurt the interest abusers.
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