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  1. It's confirmed that level 1 grenade tower does not get it's damage reduced. That is why it is so strong. Even stronger then a level 3 grenade.
  2. At what front? I tried building them at 7/8 but didn't work. Building at 4 should be OK imo really. . . grenade are not OP ray are UP.
  3. Would it not be better if the new level element and ability was stated at the same time as it is stated that player X has finished the level. I am still not used to the icons, so sometimes I have to guess what the next level will be. Or sometimes I don't use the scoreboard to look at all.
  4. It's uploading now, so you can practically see it as uploaded
  5. You would be better of getting Grenade tower unless they are fast / mechanical or healing. So in my opinion it's not the grenade tower that is to strong. Rather ray that is a bit to weak. (it's impossible to use ray tower if you play vs players of other difficulties you will be rushed in an instant and pushed to build on 2 or 3 all game long.)
  6. Ah thank you, I have not been home so much yesterday and today so I didn't get time to test it (and when I were going to test it I took random and got periodic tower instead of a level 3 ). Glad you brought some replays.
  7. Exactly my point. We need battlecruiser laserz naow! Lol I can't stop with that x)
  8. So I were trying to confirm another bug where you were supposed to be able to get infinite pures by spamming the upgrade button while having several buildings selected. (try to upgrade 3 refined at the same time with 0/1 supply and enough resources would give you 3/1 supposed by the bug) So I started an ultra short mode and normal (since it's easier to stay alive at normal and very easy is just so slow in between levels) Sadly I didn't get any level 3 elements at all, but I did get periodic tower. And I was unable to do anything buggy with it (except that it is untargetable before it finished building, can't be canceled) since if I queued I would lose 1 supply even before it started to build the tower. But I still finished the game, and I get the message that "Neutral has won with 31" (or similar) kills while I had 39 (or similar) kills. Maybe I should have had those 31 kills, or something else happened. Element Tower Defense _14_.SC2Replay
  9. Here are some ideas for an improved Query: The color of the name implies to what kind of damage it does, ex. flamethrower got a red text. It also shows which levels the elements posses. If you got Water 2 and Light 1 it would say either: (W2 + L1) Ice or just (W + L) Ice level 1. (and level 2 if light was also at level 2) A quick mark for what kind of tower it is, damage or support. Maybe range as well? Or would it add to much text? Maybe it could be a button besides that turns on advanced query that shows a bit of extra information about support/damage and range.
  10. Orange left right at the start, everything proceeded as normal (good one bug down) But when the voting was finished orange's units was still there, I also had units. But I was not on the leaderboard nor did I receive any minerals. Now oranges money was split (he received 70 minerals) but all the other players still had 70 while I got 11 and orange had 4. (70-11*6 = 4) So the minerals was definitely split but the other players still had their intended amount of money. Now I think something similar happened (with the split resources) happened when I think I got an extra gas. I was on random and the gas was immediately used. While the minerals stay the same duo to triggers (yes/no?) So it was really 2 bugs in one. First that I was removed from leaderboard and didn't get any resources, I could still build and creeps arrived. But I died pretty fast. And then the split resource bug (only with gas?) Element Tower Defense _13_.SC2Replay
  11. Twilice

    EleTD SC2

    I am back and now uploading for EU!
  12. Yeah but currently our ray tower does a MAYOR overkill and gun tower feels so much stranger in the current state of the game. I don't think it would do any big harm in the balance to double its attack speed and reduce it's damage (it would looked better with the battle cruiser missile model, the missile will also travel faster).
  13. I just noticed that on very hard the ray tower doesn't one shot level 1 creeps. This ruined pretty much everything for me when I tried to catch up
  14. It will have the same dps.
  15. The replay keep crashing . . . EDIT: and crashed again. . .
  16. Lol I totally forgot this. I am so tired right now I'll take a look in a minute.
  17. Yeah, battlecruiser missile would be awesome! (But then imo we should halve ray guns cooldown and damage so it shoots faster)
  18. Well today pretty much everything got achievements, just because they can be pretty fun as long as they are challenging in certain ways. I mean getting an achievement for building your first tower is a big no for me, but some games have that kind of achievements as well. I remember we had challenges on the old forum that were pretty fun to try and get.
  19. Twilice


    Only works in singleplayer, so it is not really a problem. (I guess ) But this has been brought up before, and one way of doing it could be so that creeps that you already have leaked will be reducing your lives by the doubble. (elementals not included since they do not add to this problem)
  20. I am quite sure I got gas from a leaving player. My Starcraft 2 crashed while I was watching the replay . . . and I just became to tired to start it up again so I'll check it by tomorrow. But I will post it here if anyone of you don't want to wait, I think it should be around level 25-30 when I got nature level 2. I am quite sure it spawned in the middle of a level when a player left. Element Tower Defense _9_.SC2Replay
  21. Also, they were not showing their range.
  22. Twilice

    0.5 Networth

    I bit to tired, I forgot a topic name x) Yes I had quark towers just before that, it was the same game. Also I uploaded the replay in another thread.
  23. Some of the element trophies looked at the wrong direction for me and then my ally as well, they seemed to change direction (which got me thinking it maybe isn't a bug at all) Also the immortals they still walked their funny walk, but they walked in a correct path for my ally. Element Tower Defense _4_.SC2Replay
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