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  1. Yes it's way more cpu intense, I gave my quest pass to my little brother. Wow did it surprise me how smooth it ran on his computer He used my old graphics card which my game ran very slow with. When I upgraded my graphic card I could play on ultra (after a few driver and Sc2 updates, my card wasn't supported correctly at first) But he plays very smooth on medium and in big fights where I start to lagg a lot he still plays pretty smooth. My problem is that it barely helps to turn down the graphics options
  2. Well they do lagg more then the other towers.
  3. The haste tower didn't seem to fire at all, I tried to fire it manually but it didn't seem to help. I got another haste tower and it didn't work either. The tower seemed to get of a shot once in a while. . . random time in between the shots. Jet towers missile flew all over the place after it has reached the AoE target without exploding. It just continued forward and then it started turning and turning until I couldn't see it anymore. Haste tower not firing_ jet tower missile flying all over the place.SC2Replay
  4. yea we'd need some advertising to get more pl on there what is it btw? It's right there in the quote "Element TD".
  5. Aha, that seems pretty bad. . .
  6. Twilice

    Showdown Mode

    That sounds like fun, very nice idea. But if one player starts to leak he will not get any minerals while the others gets a better defence. So that player will never get out of his "leaking loop". Maybe it would be more simple if everyon just recieved minerals.
  7. What about different builder models depending on which modes you have played, for achievements. These would be chooseable of course, so you can switch between them. Maybe also a small area where achievemnts are displayed. example (using maybe new game modes): Scv - starter Probe - beaten level 60 (any difficulty) Drone - Won in a race game with 8 players. Mule - Beaten level 60 on very hard. Marine - Played more then 10 games in competive modes. And then have ranks independant of the achievements. I know it's possible since I have seen many maps using some kind "bank". I don't know how it works, specially not with 2 players with the same name though. Since there could be 1000 players named the same thing per region. Might have more problems with it then it could seem.
  8. We got the Element TD channel already, altough it's pretty empty currently. 1-2 people at times. So we just need the players to join.
  9. Twilice

    Flooding Tower

    What about a simple concept, you can reduce it's attackspeed to increase damage or increase it to decrease damage. (min cooldown 0,31 and max = 1,5 (or more? but no towers use more then 1,5)) the attack models size is dependand on the ammount of damage it does.
  10. What about an short period of free chat with the host and all players? Or players can make a vote (it doesn't affect chosen modes) but the host can see the votes (maybe only the host?) an thus chose a more proper mode. Also I think there should be a bit more text before the game starts, the voting system needs to be a bit more relaxed in a way that people know what they are choosinng between. And in the end there needs to be a summary of the game before all starts and maybe an explaination. Like a way of telling people there are different modes. Like: Game mode: Standard Difficulty: Mixed Element picks: Random Creep order: Normal or Game mode: Tower Wars //future mode? Difficulty: Normal Element picks: Normal (type -random for random) Creep order: Chaos Anyways I think this is a good way to improve the game if executed correct. If not it will only confuse more. *I will be back home tomorrow to write more.
  11. I think we need some kind of ladder, more importantly then achievements.
  12. Can you make a scheme or table out of it? I have a little problem reading/understanding it
  13. Also countdown timer is short for higher difficulty, are you sure you want it to be based around the highest difficulty they would only rush you even more.
  14. Twilice


    Imo there are only a few good maps, but the good maps aren't getting worse but they keep coming! I am still waiting for those battleship/battletanks like maps though I've missed them.
  15. Twilice


    Not sure if we should promote playing this way. I can't comment about this sorry.
  16. Damned my favorite tower. I guess it was my favorite because it was so strong (What about instead of nerfing it's damage/speed much increase the need of micro. Or reduce it's range)
  17. It's odd, I've heard otherwise though. Some players were more like "oh, you just made my game a bit more funnier. Before I just looked at the game and waited." (those players also most usually played ladder, so they weren't really "casual" at all.)
  18. Twilice


    I am quite sure I got zerg all the time.
  19. It was only for interest, correct?
  20. Nopp, when anyone has killed their wave a new wave will spawn. This is to promote "risky-rushing" in multiplayer games. It's a more advanced playstyle for those that know the basics of Element TD. (You play to WIN vs the other players instead of getting as far as you can. Usually ends with a GG after the last players has won and then everyone leaves without the winner continuing to build.)
  21. Try using the Sc2 repair tool and see if that helps.
  22. Is this for very hard and multiplayer? If you want I could play vs you and you can try your imba strat It is indeed very strong on for example very easy duo to that creep waves spawn timer is longer than on very hard. And when a player finishes his/her wave then the wave timer will start for everyone. So lets say you got ONLY light towers you will have killed maybe (just as an example) half of your creeps when suddenly another wave appears.
  23. Changing the character orders wouldn't mess up anything for me, but if you messed up the element order. Wow I would be screwed. Also water > fire > nature So unless you want nature to pawn light or darkness it will be nature > earth
  24. ^ Hey that would be a pretty neat idea.
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