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  1. Some of these are obvious bugs, if you want them fixed you can open issues in https://github.com/MNoya/Element-TD/issues
  2. This was a bug introduced in the last update, fixed it now! Thanks for posting it
  3. Both should be fixed now, let me know in those threads in any case.
  4. Hey guys, sorry for the delay, I made a potential fix for this and will be in next update today (1.10), let me know if you're still having trouble.
  5. Should be fixed in next update
  6. 4GB RAM is your problem, waves 4-9 are when we precache tower models to use later, your memory gets filled and the game crashes.
  7. Looks like you start packet dropping and crash. What are your PC specs?
  8. Noya

    Life Tower Broken

    Thank you for the report. Unfortunately I wasn't able to reproduce this bug, do you have a way to make it happen reliably in sandbox? Does it happen in any mode or map in particular?
  9. Yeah it has been reworked. They gain bonus damage when on full life
  10. Noya

    1.8 Frogs dont spawn

    Fixed, sorry!
  11. Noya

    Game crashing

    That's a known dota client bug which I had a couple of times, fixed by restarting dota/steam
  12. Noya

    co-op score bug

    Do you have a match ID? I'll give it a look
  13. Noya

    Co-op Lifetowers

    There is a life tower rework coming so this won't be relevant anymore on the next update
  14. Noted! Will fix it on the next update
  15. Noya


    Adding a timer that turns red when you are slow would be a good addition, got it
  16. Thanks for the report, fixed it, will be on the next patch
  17. Done some changes to the reset in the last patch, hopefully that fixes it, let me know if it persists
  18. That should only happen if your ally disconnected (it shares units), you should never be able to sell a tower with a yellow range overlay, if it happens it's a bug. We removed the networth value on the scoreboard UI because it would end up being the same for all players (until Sell) gets taken into account, but I can totally bring it back if it's better to have it. I'll put the default map selection back to element_td after a couple more days have passed, as you noticed it was just to advertise it and make sure people tried it out
  19. Is it consistent with any specific builder to the default? Can you reconnect back or does it also crash the server?
  20. Was the second player getting the same elements in random, or as in, you were choosing the elements for him with your choices? I can't seem to find a reason why this would happen yet
  21. Is this a problem with the autocast, or with directly casting the ability?
  22. How's the layout? How's the difficulty? Have you beaten it yet? Leave your thoughts and suggestions for our new map here!
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