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  1. @2 fire, could be, in my normal eletd build i use 2 fire as well (for corrosion and forge), but i have a level 3 muck tower there for slow.
  2. Just looked at this after i bested your solo score (did 3,2mios). Most interestingly i also went for a quite similar build. Only that i went for 2 nature (for well lvl 2) and did not build any pure/water towers, but used one poison lvl 3 tower per lane and more drows in total. My tower placement (drows) was different as well, but i guess that's preference. I guess the main difference was that i did not leak till frogs and had a bit faster overall clearing speed. The sad thing about solo-coop is that you are kinda luck dependent, as if a bad wave hits you at a bad timing, your score will suck. The other issue is that all towers with 700 or lower range are very hard to use or pretty much worthless at all, which really limits the builds you can go. I managed to do 2 games with decent scores (over 2 mios) with an impulse and an obliteration/life build, but they are way harder and much more luck dependent to pull off. Edit: did 2 mio+ with two other builds as well (3D3W3N 2L flooding poison and disease + buff towers) (3N3E3W1F ephmerals, earthnature duals water pure + buff towers), still not as powerful as drows+poison+2 types of support towers
  3. kerb

    co-op score bug

    Sent you pm with the id
  4. kerb

    co-op score bug

    It can happen that the kills of the 2nd boss wave do not increase your score, if you whipe at that wave. Just had a game with 988k score before wave 2, killed quite some of the wave 2 and score stayed at 988k. Had that once before, where i would also have broken the 1 mio score mark, so could also be that this is the issue.
  5. I haven't played normal eletd much this patch, was more into trying out the co-op mode. But what goat says about the towers is mostly true for co-op as well. With the exception of the nature-water one, as the range of nature is too bad for co-op and in general long range aoe towers are the go to there (tri-ele ones).
  6. Ok, i gave it some more testing (played myself place 13 solo in co-op mode). The only difference by playing it solo is you having less pure towers as essences are limited still to the amount 1 player has and it is harder as you will not have such diverse elementals. From what i saw from playing with other players: they tend to go for zeus towers or a load of single ele/basic towers (both fails quite hard). Best way to deal with this mode is having a good micture of tri-ele towers that deal good aoe and have decent range + buff towers obviously. So it is kind of like singleplayermap, just more range focussed.
  7. I really like the map design, it makes a lot of sense how the waves of 2 adjacent lanes pass certain areas at certain times. In general i found this map to be very hard to beat. Had like 12 tries so far, 1 worked. Was always the same: I had to hold 2 lanes at once and a bit more alone, the other 3 players were leaking, even if they built in single lanes. And peope are very stubborn (resistent to advices). Anyways i think it would be very interesting with an organized party of good players, but for pubbing it has a high risk of a massive facepalm incoming
  8. The thing is: it should stack if you do it for more towers. In example, let's say selling an arrow tower locks it for 0,1 seconds, selling two should lock it for 0,2 and so on.
  9. I did my highscore without this "abuse" (still top 10), except maybe early game on accident, when i had to use other basic towers for the waves. @ Limiting towers you are able to sell per round: Bad idea, as sometimes you really want to spam a lot of arrow towers fast to hinder some wave from leaking and get em away after the wave. Or some builds used a specific tower on level 2 for a couple of waves, which they did not need later any more. Doing what you suggest would screw a lot of possible paths, and i do not like that. @ the topic:why not make selling a tower lock the income ticker for a certain period of time? The higher value the tower has, the longer the lock is.
  10. He is actually right, about what he says. Saving money is worth more as killing fast in this patch.
  11. kerb

    Slow build guide

    I build enchs only later for frogs, Waves i clear mainly with a incantation/polar combo. And yes this patch is for sure about 3-ele towers, where last was dual towers. Most interestingly i have the fealing that vengence creeps are the most annoying ones this patch.
  12. kerb

    Slow build guide

    i would say @ current patch: you kind of need quite some aoe to clear the boss stacks and some long range single target to pick off the hasted /divine shielded guys running ahead. Endgame itself is rather easy, but getting there with saving enough money and not leaking too much is rather hard atm (on insane that is) and requires already quite specific tower(combos). I personally prefer invo+ench towers for that atm, getting the rest of the aoe from incantation/polar towers + slow towers. I think other tower combos would do better lategame, but would make your early-midgame way harder and also very luck dependent (chaos mode). But haven't played too many games yet in this patch (about 12 or so in classic) so am only place 7 on the leaderboard atm. I guess the higher placed people will have more insight.
  13. kerb

    Slow build guide

    nice one: although i would heavily argue against your point about towers under 1150 range.In example buff towers like well/forge, slow towers (nova) and %damge buff (polar) towers are great for frog killing. I would rather say: your main dps towers should have at least 1150 range.
  14. Interesting patch, dual towers nerved, tripple (esp tier 1) are back. Gj Edit: Esp. good that the life tower spam is over, ty. As that one was really boring.
  15. Did a bit of testing and with 24k in the bank and slightly under 100k networth i had -3% networth bonus in the end, combine that with having no good killspeed (easy -27%) and +200k score shrink to ~150k^^. (Did a really weird build for that one to get to where i wanted with the networth bonus). So what happened in the games i wrote about above was me not going for any networth at all and having kinda slow killspeed on 55 (no leaks still)
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