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  1. 64bit.
  2. When it came out I was able to play full games of EleTD but from 7 or so days ago I experienced many crashes. Sometimes on as low level as 5. Game freezes for few seconds, fan goes wild and I am out of the game. Message that I get is that graphic card stopped working for some reason. Tried updating drivers for graphic card but it says they are up to date. Tried lowering settings in Dota to minimum but to no avail. My pc spec: Intel g2020@2.90GHz, MSI Radeon HD7750 1GBD5, Kingstone 8GB 1333MHz, Windows 7 Checked cpu usage while game is running and it's locked on 100%, gpu bit lower. I had similar problems with Dota 2 but than again crashing happens rarely, maybe once in 20 games. Any help would be appreciated thanks in advance!