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  1. Fixed the Obliteration immune to Vengeance and Level 4-9 - Disconnect - Server Timeout?
  2. Obliteration tower is immune to vengeance debuff. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TCAh71Xyt-Q
  3. I could help too with php/sql skills ;-)
  4. Russ_AB

    Against the map

    That type of mode could be activated only if all players voted for it. With this constraint public games should never have this dead time you talk about.
  5. @Noya There is a chance to get this fixed next patch?
  6. Russ_AB

    Against the map

    A mode to players play against the map and not against other players. Next wave starts only when all players clear the current wave. Interest get locked after 5sec of wave clear and unlocks in the start of another. It is a good mode to try to achieve new high scores playing with friends What do you guys think about?
  7. Is there possible to precache between waves 1-9? Like 3~4 towers each wave? Something like that.
  8. @Karawasa How do i participate on beta?
  9. Russ_AB


    Related to: https://forums.eletd.com/topic/95565-start-level-9-disconnect
  10. AMD FX-6300 Six-core Processor 3.50GHz 4GB ram AMD Radeon HD 7700 Series Windows 10 (64bit)
  11. Actually the rank still incorrect... This shows the first line of the result, which brings results from other versions. See mino321, the correct game id is 2386080657 (1 day ago) not the 2306044613 (1 month ago), if you look at the previous image is this game that is the first result.
  12. Russ_AB

    Fast Mode

    Nice! That will be of great value to the map!
  13. Nice! If you need help with the website let me know =)
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