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  1. I still get the disconnect at wave 33 (sorry thought it was 34) I reinstalled dota2 a second time but still the same problem.
  2. Geforce GTX 750 TI AMD FX 6300 Six Core Processor 8 GB Ram Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit
  3. I cant get past wave 33 since release of the mod. Wave 34 just doesnt start in any mode. In earlier versions of the mod the game just freezed at wave 34 and now i get always a disconnect at wave 34. Even in Chaos mode the minions of the standard wave 34 are disconnecting me even then they come as 1 wave or whatever, I deleted dota 2 and every mod in the hope of fixing it with a fresh installation of dota 2 and the mods, but it didnt worked.
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