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  1. I played another game with insane/challenge mode and the same bug appeared. So in my estimation it happens every time you reach the frog waves in that specific mode. Maybe some other players have the same issue?
  2. Hey guys, just played a game with insane/challenge mode and the frog waves were messed up. Frogs kept spawning all the time and for each frog i leaked i got the "wave completed" notice and got points for beating the wave. https://hatinacat.com/leaderboard/matches/3430232926
  3. Hey Guys, i've played the test version a bit and Geysir Towers ability sometimes procs with an insane aoe (and i think the damage is too high aswell) killing 2/3 of a wave in 1 hit. Ice tower has only 700 aoe instead of the 900 written in the last changelog, not sure if thats intentional and part of the balancing progress. Keep up the good work
  4. Hello, I play a very slow strategy at the moment and unfortunately my last 3 games all first had heavy framedrops and later on freezed and crashed somewhere between froground 11-15 (around 117 to 131 minute game time) I think it is related to the vapor towers which I use quite heavily. The more vapor towers I used, the earlier the game crashed. I have already changed all graphic settings to the lowest and reduced the display resolution to the lowest possibility but those settings seem to make no difference. Is it possible the problem relays on the coding of the vapor tower effect? Regards ArthurDent
  5. Lifetowers dont need double the kills to gain a life if you are above 100 lifes.
  6. If you leak at level 50 in co-op mode, the income timer doesnt stop and you can possibly get insane income by leaking just 1 unit over and over again.
  7. Happened to me with nature builder twice, I didnt try any other builders. I could reconnect to the game after restarting dota 2, but the builder was broken and I couldnt build towers anymore.
  8. That should only happen if your ally disconnected (it shares units), you should never be able to sell a tower with a yellow range overlay, if it happens it's a bug. It was actually with a disconnected player, but he reconnected again and was pissed
  9. You can sell towers from allies. So if two players have the same towers close to each other, it might happen by accident. Maybe you can give towers a color based on the owner. I guess this problem is related to support towers being able to buff allied towers. There is no networth shown, so its hard to anticipate if you are able to afford an expensive tower if you sell your other towers. Apart from that, I think the coop map can become quite a success. Maybe you should use the regular map as pre-selected though, cause i think alot of players end up in coop right now although they dont even want to play it, which ruins the fun for the other players in that game. I can understand you want to advertise coop right now, but the preselection brings pretty much every new player to the coop mode first. So the new players get frustrated cause of flaming/complicated gameplay, and the more experienced players whom actually want to play coop get frustrated cause of newbs and leavers. Also a few general tips on how to play coop on the loading screen might help alot.
  10. Hello, I had a couple of game crashes when changing a "gamepass builder" back to the normal builder.
  11. Quark and Ice towers are part of that build aswell and also build up to enchantment and polar/tidal, along with the possibility for upped arrow/cannon towers, I dont think darkness is a real weakness the first 25 levels to the 2-0-2-0-2-2 build. If I remember correctly, in normal mode the first darkness wave is level 9 Darkness waves spawn latest of all elements (at least at the start). So you can say in general, chaos mode favores early darkness waves and the build up for your tidal/ench/polar towers is really strong against earlier darkness waves. Thats probably another reason why this certain build is stronger at chaos mode. Darkness is defenitely the hardest to beat between level 25 - 45, but earlier on it is not a real problem and as I said, imo in chaos mode you get more darkness waves before 25 compared to normal mode, after 45 the waves dont matter anyways beside lvl 55. On second thought: I think to get a really high score, on top of having some luck with the waves on chaos mode, the more important factor is actually beeing lucky to not kill healer frogs early on when frogs are bulked up at waves 6-7-8. I didnt get my best highscores at the games i had my best lvl 55 score aswell and my endgame build and networth was always the same (+- 1500 gold maybe) while my frogs count had a rather huge spread from around 190 - 220.
  12. Hello, to me it seems, chaos mode is currently easier than the normal mode, at least all highscores beside the classic "life-gold tower" strategy are done in chaos mode. If you get no waves with your weak element for 5-6 rounds or even only waves with your strong elements for 3-4 rounds, you can save alot of money for income / expensive tower upgrades, and in my experience this happens every game at least 2-3 times. Also it is easier to cover really hard rounds (haste/heal/vengeance + your weak element) early on in the game with upped arrow towers than later on. I cant recall when those haste/heal/vengeance rounds are exactly in normal mode, but i think during the first 15 rounds you get barely any of them. Anyways, I am not sure if it is actually easier than the normal mode in general or if its just because people play with 4 elements atm, which makes most builds quite versatile, so you dont have to plan to far ahead and it is possible to cover most weaknesses the first 20-25 levels with mass upgraded arrow/cannon towers, since you have 4 elements to choose from. I guess the cheap Tier1 3-Element-towers right now help alot aswell. What do you guys think? Is it the chaos mode or just because of the 4 Element builds which are quite popular right now? I dont have much experience with builds based on only 2 or 3 elements in the current version, but i guess they are easier in normal mode. My suggestion to make chaos mode harder would be not to show either the element or the special ability (or even both) before the round started/before the previous round ends, so it gets harder to plan ahead.
  13. I play alot of Chaos mode and creeps at lvl 1-4 with regen ability dont regen.
  14. Sounds like a good idea, but the second formula got some mistake since it would increase the score by roughly 10% if you need 51 minutes. Please add it before the speed bonus multiplier
  15. About Random mode: I hope this doesnt sound too rude, but it seems to me your networth numbers on random builds are only estimations and far from accurate. I was comparing slow vs. speed builds, sucessful random builds are usually pretty fast builds (and defenitely no slow builds if you compare the times at the leaderboard), so I think the up to 300k networth is a very huge overestimation for the current top random scores. Just look at the amount of frogs they killed (and the 2 players at position 3 and 4 have pretty good elements). If those two had more than 200k networth, they would have killed way more frogs for sure. 200k+ networth might be possible if you get the right elements in a decent order to get early wealth towers, but it would defenitely be very, very unlikely. (and wealth towers with slow attackspeed and high range are quite impractical to rebuild every 15 seconds) Nevertheless you are defenitely right about the posibility to get alot of networth with that trick. Maybe increase the time towers need to be built and upgraded by a percentage (especially higher tier towers, arrow and cannon towers should stay the same imo) or add a 2 second cooldown on upgrading after each upgrade/construction (so it wouldnt effect allpick mode that much if you upgrade a tower during a round) to prevent consecutive upgrades. This way people could still use the trick, but the usability would be nerfed alot for stronger towers which require multiple upgrades. Back to the slow vs. speed (allpick mode) discussion: The best slow build right now has an endscore before frogs of around 262k points. If you estimate a value of 200k networth, you would lose 131k score with the removal of networth bonus. If you estimate 250k networth, the score would be 158k less. So it wouldnt close the gap between fast and slow builds enough. I dont say the removal of networth bonus is generally a bad idea, but I dont think it would do the job alone. I personally do like the networth bonus as an additional reward for efficient play in builds which are not aimed at pure income/slow killing, removing the multiplier and making it additive would weaken this,but its defenitely an interesting idea. I am not sure if I understood this the right way. Are you saying networth bonus is important for Express? According to the Express leaderboard, it seems to be purely about speed right now. I dont agree here. If the average gametime of new/casual players is very slow, the removal of networth bonus wouldnt help that either. I might not have enough insight how the endgame bonuses of new/casual players are composed right now but I think think they rather get a positive networth bonus than a positive speed bonus right now with the huge bounty increases in 1.5. You could for example move the point of origin for speed bonus to 50 minutes to give casual players a better reward and still tweak the numbers in my suggestion in a way to prevent someone who can finish the game in 35 minutes to get a too high score. You just need someone who is quite good at math to find a formular for it, but there is one for sure. Maybe it wasnt clear in my suggestion, but the important part was not about penaltying slow play (since the majority of points comes from frogs anyways if you compete for the leaderboard), it was about rewarding faster play in a way it can compete in highscore with slow/income play. I know the main intention of my suggestion is mostly about balancing the scores for people who play way too much ele TD like me, but I think you can still find a decent balance for casual players with it aswell. Anyways, I am sure you will find a good solution to this, as you managed to improve the game with every patch so far. P.S.: This post became way too long, but since I didnt manage to improve my highscore without slow/income builds lately, I waste my time here instead.
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