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  1. might be interested in doing some of that, yea
  2. So I have been noticing this for the last week or so while using opera 37.0.2178.54 where Ill come to the site and I wont be logged in but if I go to another page it will just randomly log me in after, its happening to me on both my computers both using opera.
  3. thats cool, why a banana though? inside joke?
  4. oh I agree but I am not sure if thats really worth while when it comes to TD based games, isnt it simpler to just make a whole new td instead one that perhaps isnt so restrictive rather then building off of a pre-established player base, cough youtd cough..?
  5. #ELETD2 #MakeELETDGreatAgainDifferent?
  6. I think a better way of looking at it is see where the games medium/player base is coming from, DotA is an extremely competitive game even when you just want to play for fun, this is even more so the case now in DotA2 since the whole thing revolves around massing MMR. A lot of players in DotA2 even when they jump to custom games are still in that competitive vibe but still want something a bit easier to focus on, tower defenses like ELETD are great places for that where you can still have a competitive edge but not so much so that you get stressed out by it like you do with games such as DotA or CS for example. fill that hole that DotA players want, keep the content relatively fresh for the most part and players will always come back. The biggest issue I see with Eletd is that its rich history, age and general design stop it from being able to create too much new content before the game is no longer recognizable and turns into something like wc3s YouTD.
  7. honestly I have been really into the competitive side of this game more so then just playing for fun, I find figuring out how to reach to 10/20 of the leaderboard makes the game much more satisfying.
  8. coming from beta testing for DotA that was the typical system that ice would use for balancing make new content that may be over powered but typically not insane based on what play testers show in their games during testing phases and balance old content that has issues in the current public patch, very rarely would he actually drastically change older content to make it get used more often. with Eletd its obviously harder because I doubt kara wants to have some 100+ towers in the map, but, idk doesnt seem like the right way to go about making old content get used more by just swaping things around constantly because at some point wont it become stagnate?
  9. the typical game is usually buff new content, balance old content, rinse and repeat. if some towers are too over powered and moving into the next patch other towers should be buffed to accommodate the balance of picking strategy or the over powered towers should be nerfed to balance properly with other towers given it doesn't make the game impossible. a tower shouldn't just be buffed at random just because it will change things up, don't think it really helps the over all balance of the game or the strategy.
  10. awesome looking forward to it!
  11. hey haven't heard much about this in quite some time any info on it?
  12. I see might want to reword that change it seems like the damage is just applied but the life gaining is still there, good to know its not a bug though!
  13. did you find the buff to atom towers was sufficient haven't played enough with them yet to really tell...
  14. not sure if this is a bug or not but I didnt see this change in the patch log so I am going to assume that it is? Life towers don't seem to proc any more once you have a 100+ lives in coop haven't tried it in solo yet but ill assume its the same there as well for 50?
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