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    name should change to reflect this. "vote" implies some kind of collective and uniform mode. "select your mode" clearly conveys taht the mode is for you. i would actually suggest putting all the collective items in one box, and individual items in a separate. both can show at the same time tho.
  2. Check the changelog for 0.80. oh, pfft, i was searching haste and blitz. never remembered anythign by their ability name.
  3. u compeltely forgot to list the change that haste was nerrefd to 15 times stacking in any patch note
  4. gwho


    after u choose all the modes, it pans to your area/scv. it's too slow. i'd like to start right away. can we just speed up this panning process? Or better yet, if you scroll or click the minimap, it cancels the panning process. Panning is only by default. if you want to start right away, u can do so. if you wnat to enjoy the lil cinematic effect u can do so.
  5. gwho

    The Celerity Tower

    Haha, this is a lie, if you're talking about version 0.80b. Prove it, post the replay, or better yet, a Wave 61 screenshot. like v .78 or so before haste nerf. sorry replay is gone. ask other ppl they've accomplished it too. not a big deal. *bangs head against the wall* repeat repeat repeat repeat. ur an idiot and in capable of comprehending something even when it was repeated very explicitly 3 times. what u say is right, it does work well. my point is that there is an even better alternative. get that thru ur head. u clearly are incapable of making proper comparisons. we're talking about filling the map. that puts us in late game, and most importantly, fruit level. in the fruit levle, every tower is attacking, basically. that means the full dps, which you acknowledged is being utilized. there is no way an equal number of velocities would ever be superior to an equal number of blitz for the fruit level.
  6. gwho

    Cash on Hand

    sweeeet like honey in my tomey
  7. gwho

    Flooding Tower

    Yet another seemingly supportive reason to go with the aforementioned idea! lol it IS supportive! =]
  8. crashes? lol i thot it was about how its op "crushes the waves"
  9. the gameplay keeps you coming back for more, the aesthetics wow you and make everything a bit more pleasant. =]
  10. gwho

    The Celerity Tower

    why does celerity do more than 22/14*500 damage sometimes? if there is some kind of delay, shouldn't that be removed to actually reflect the numbers dictated by the formula?
  11. gwho

    The Celerity Tower

    uh, you have to say it. the inferior tower, with same range and lower dps, right? maybe u just suck? again, exeuction. i've maxed out the entire map with fully upgraded blitzes with 400k to spare going haste. and all that was on VH while you're playing VE. it's not about whos a better player cz that has nothing to do with this discussion. but u completely forgot to compare like with like. ur attributing all this due to 625 mineral difference? then the alternative results in even more of a difference. ur pushing under the rug that ur getting a velocity tower. executing is very important. YOU did haste forge while your OPPONENT did celerity. even if the same person executed both and compared, there would still be differences in execution and compounding. the things that are unchanging is the dps values. that dictates when u can get what, regardless of execution. i dont get how u acknowledge the dps analysis, and then out of nowhere with no basis other than "it just does", claim the opposite. i even did a comparison with a tower with the same range. if the celerity is so baller, then the light tower even more. i dont think u read properly. it's not wishy washy. that entire apm requirement was a side note, too, aside from the main point of that paragraph. u claimed something, and i was making a rebuttal. ur the one who said it was easy to micro celerity tower. but light is easier cz there is no micro. so ur saying u can pull off a benefit by paying that apm cost. i'm saying there's an even better option with more apm cost that beats yours. and that option, namely is going 625 light with resell longer, into 2125 light... exactly the thing u claimed that was inferior to your celerity tower. herp. re-herp.
  12. gwho

    Super Weapons

    i loved throwing penalties at other players in tetris or tetris attack. glad ur thinking about doing somenthing like this. ideas: - spawn a boss. (just requires additional damage, doesnt give element) - gives a wave an additional ability (boost, mechanical, undead, etc), a wave already with an ability will gain a second, diffrent ability. - delay an element availability by 1 wave - paralyze target tower for a number of seconds - all towers become a different element type (weakness to current wave - maybe OP as stated, but the basic concept of changing damage type.) - remove 1 life - compounding rate is halved for a wave. - freeze a single or few creeps on the other guy's field, can be long duration even unto next wave. tactical timing will be involved =]. to yourself: - increase your cash on hand by X amount for a wave. increases compounding, but also available to spend. after the duration, it will subtract the awarded amount. can go into the negative, but for compounding it will count as 0 principle, not negative. to either: - substitute wave. pick one wave now and have current wave later. can be used to give yourself more bounty, and an easier time in the future. or offensively to screw someone else over now, but at the risk of giving him more money and an easier time later.
  13. gwho

    The Celerity Tower

    NO! why do people think this? (or has it been fixed?) Haste tower is terribly broken because it gives 800% attack speed when fully charged.. not 320%. that 2.5 was comapring the max dps of haste to max dps of celerity, not charged haste against uncharged haste. i guess i could have been more explicit. 800% is correct and it's reflected in my calculations. (doesn't the greater the dps boost of haste, the more that help my argument O.o) You should not compare with pure towers for 3 reasons: 1. Pure towers are a very high level of upgrade, that is the most expensive in the game. In this game, upgraded towers are always far more efficient than the less-upgraded ones, and linearly comparing the most expensive tower to a less expensive one, is not accurate — you have to take into the account the non-linear gains that increased cost has. 2. This is more important in my opinion than #1: you must have essences, which are extremely limited. One will typically have a maximum of like 6 essences, or sometimes maybe only 2, while a person can fill their ENTIRE AREA with upgraded celerity towers. You make 1 argument using fruit wave, but don't realize that another argument you make essentially ignores fruit wave. AFAIK 2-6 pure towers is nowhere near enough to do well in the fruit wave, and hence need to realize that essence is a huge limiter, and justifies a high cost-efficiency of pure towers. 3. Somewhat related to #1: The more expensive a tower is, the harder it is to smoothly get. Cost sometimes beats cost-efficiency, because it's possible that even if a tower is super-duper cost efficient, it is just completely nonviable to get because of it's prohibitive cost. Take a look at real-life: We aren't all running the most efficient light bulbs, most efficient power plants, most efficient cars, etc. because they generally cost more... even if that cost will be offset by the better efficiency. Anyway, all that stuff said, I think celerity and temporal type towers should be very strong towers, and very possibly need a buff (I haven't looked at them recently, and cannot make a concrete statement). i'm saying eph and cel are weak and need buffs too. 1. misnomer, my fault. i dont mean pure. i just mean single element. i compared celerity with the similar level one. namely the 2125 one. the numbers are correct. i adjusted and scaled to equate the cost. the numbers in the calculations are the appropriate level light tower, not the highest level "pure" one. (u should read my numbers and calculations a bit better) 2. if u read my post, i'm saying u can simply use the essences u get for free for a few celerity towers. given the fact that celerity has low dps/cost, why would you even want to get a ton of them? plus, they'd all have differne ranges, and microing efficiency would go down, there are much better towers, much better triple towers. Never meant that you spend all ur money on all pure towers. but getting those with what essences you have, results in higher efficiency for that many towers and that much money. still, celerity is cost-inefficient, especially late game, so you'd want to spam a bunch of other towers. Plus, the only real direct benefit of celerity is in the early game, being 625 cheaper than the 2125 light tower, and being able to wilfullly leak guys through wiht relatively less apm than mass reselling. u forget hi range is useless in fruit levels, and most towers are designed so that higher range has lower dps, while lower range has higher dps, as a general rule. 3. yah, so u can mass resell for a bit longer and that would be even more efficient that getting celerity in terms of compounding. also i'm talking about the 2125 light tower, not the pure so already addressed. buying something less cost-efficient b/c it's cheaper on the absolute scale is right. we're limited by our pockets, but also we want to compound as much as we can. so what you do is find the highest efficient one that is available to you within your price range... but, taking it a step further, you'd also factor in what your eventual plan is and buy something that you'd already want to buy. ex- going ling-infestor in the midgame, b/c you want ling infestor broodlord composition late game. going ling infestor is "lean" b/c it already fills a part of your eventual goal. celerity sucks late game. you dont want a lot of them. it's not lean. it shouldn't be part of your late game goal. thus it's like going mass roach hydra with missile upgrades, when your late game goal is strong ultras... it's a deviation and slows down your eventual goal by eating up your gas, and not being melee type. going line infestor into ultra works nicely b/c lings benefit from melee upgrades, which also works on your ultras. ling infestor is thus lean in terms of your end goal, and your end goal is a good one. celery is not a good goal, and any benefit is in the early game, which is outdone bya variety of other choices.
  14. just like playdota.com when you click a certain tower, the info remains locked on that tower, even if you move your mouse on another tower. quite useful when alt tabbing and stuff. you also wont have to play "operation" by avoiding other tower icons just to have the info not change. clicking the same icon undoes this "lock" feature, and restores mous-ing over other icons. when an icon is clicked, a border appears so you know it's locked and locked on to a certain tower. while in the locked state, and you click another tower icon, , it locks it onto the new tower.
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