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  1. Replays don't seem to work for Element TD? They don't play through. So I stopped saving them =/ I guess I could do it again sometime but now I'm all about the same random VH games...
  2. Cisz' https://forums.eletd.com/Tower-placement-guide-t161.html thesis-like guide is enormously helpful. Other than that, rolling with the dice... sometimes it may not be possible. But you don't have to outrun the wolf, just the other sheep.
  3. Just tried this in a 5 man game on VH, with almost no leaking I got up to 260 lives and this resulted in 119 fruits/595 points. I guess one interest and two periodic towers would work better than 4 pure light but I haven't tested that yet. This has got to be the simplest possible strategy?
  4. Well, it does work on VH. 83 Fruit kills. I used the extra fast setting to avoid nitmongering the early stages. I/I/L/N/L/N Start with two Eternals top right in the slow two-pass placement area, keep adding to stay around 50 lives until you get immortal then just upgrade. 10x Immortal will be fine until level 52 - and then you need 20+. By that stage you should have enough minerals (360k+) to fill the map and make four pure lights, so do that. You leak every round so interest income is not a problem. I guess better management would result in more lives to start the fruit round, I only had 100. I did afk frequently though
  5. It works in Very Hard setting also, here's a VH with 88 fruit 440 points. I guess if I knew exactly how much money required I could upgrade towers sooner, I overshoot the mark by a lot and needlessly sacrifice lives as a result. Also playing a short game, starting at level 16 - you start with 1k. If I play normal I only have slightly more than 1k by the end of level 15, so I guess the time saved is more than worth it. Element Tower Defense 88 Fruit 440 Points Very Hard.SC2Replay
  6. Replay upload in case anyone is wondering about tower placement and all the mistakes I made. Element Tower Defense _3_.SC2Replay
  7. This is normal mode. Points: Interest, Interest, Light, Nature, Light, Nature, Light, Nature, Earth, Earth, Earth. Use the towers you can 100% sacrifice, build, upgrade, salvage each round. Build placeholder tier 1 before interest, upgrade after interest. In the middle island, make three of the +life towers and three light towers. Later upgrade two of the lights to pure. Once you get Earth make the N/E fungal type towers - and cover every single square on the map. About 1/6 upgrade to speed and the rest damage. I guess there is a max income cap, I didn't notice it going higher than 20991 income per round despite having over 1.5 mill banked. Also, I totally forgot to spend the last gas and so didn't get final upgrade until halfway through the fruit round.... lol. I guess 600+ is not hard if you don't mess up. I never came close to spending all the money. Note: you can scrap the +life towers during fruit round and replace. Note: there is an island top right, I hadn't noticed it before but don't forget to tower it up also. Note: light+nature +life towers are a must, even a maxed map will allow fruits to slip through. I do not know if there is a third element combo with better damage.
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