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  1. is this the thing where it would shoot off into space whenever it felt like it? if so, kudos.
  2. Are you sure you remembered to remove all the eldritch protections?
  3. I have seen this occur with things like Light towers on the 4 position - they will occasionally shoot the walkway to the left of them. I'm guessing you've found some way to differentiate the creeps to each player, though, because it's the proper 'owner' that gets minerals for the kill, not the killer.
  4. That's a yes. XD This was supposed to be fixed already. But in the meantime just make sure you assert your wishes, don't believe I've seen this occur when someone makes all the dialog choices yet.
  5. I guess I could just sit myself in channel, shouldn't be to hard. What server are we on?
  6. Aranneas

    Showdown Mode

    Doable. But may lead to 'let's all leak just a bit each round' pacts. Which may not be a bad thing if the game evolves its own diplomacy.
  7. Very hard on multiplayer is a grind right now. That's just a fact. I only survive maybe 1 of 8 or 9 games (but I'm playing almost exclusively random, so take from that what you will). I'll post some replays of my better games when I feel like it; who knows, might learn something myself.
  8. Is there a point to the 'extreme' mode besides masochism?
  9. Aranneas

    Flooding Tower

    a finisher, eh. hmmm what does 5/15% mean? 1/3 of a percent stacking 5 times so 5/3 percent slowing? i can't imagine this is what you meant. Tower has two levels. I thought it was fairly simple pointing to the convention of writing first level first and second level second. My bad. I should have clarified. Alright, this is good thinking. I was thinking of 'how do I make this tower do what it already does, but better and cooler'. Gonna go back to the drawing board. EDIT: New idea. Flooding/Drowning Tower Damage 350/1850 (est.) Speed 0.66 (est.) Range 10 AOE: 2.25/4.5 Rising Tide Creeps hit directly leave a trail which lasts for 3 seconds. Creeps on the trail are slowed by 5/15% and receive 5/15% of their maximum health as damage over 3 seconds. numbers rough but you get the idea
  10. King of the Hill Mode - Static wave timer. Something in the neighbourhood of 40 seconds. - The first player to finish each wave is crowned 'King of the Hill' and receives double interest until the title is taken from them. - While not the King, you receive an extra life each round. - Play continues until one player remains. That player achieves victory.
  11. Aranneas

    Showdown Mode

    Showdown Mode (name suggestions accepted) - You don't receive any bounty for killing creeps. - Interest works as usual. - Whenever a player leaks a creep, each other player is granted a mineral bonus equal to eight times its regular bounty. - Whenever a player loses his or her last life, each other player is granted a bonus of four minerals for each wave completed thus far. - Optionally, the starting number of lives may be increased from the norm by some amount. - Play to last one standing.
  12. Aranneas

    Flooding Tower

    I would like to keep it as some sort of single target finisher because that's the role it was initially meant for and there are few good choices for this outside of light ATM. I propose the following: Ebb Each hit reduces the target's movement speed by 5/15%. This ability stacks up to 5 times. sort of a 'finisher support' for your final pass, and makes getting it early an excellent choice for easier boss killing
  13. I was so sure I was the only one who does this. o.O
  14. That's the spirit . But I just found out I'm decent at star battle
  15. Is it a difficulty spike? Yes. But then so is level 10. I personally feel that this is the first proper 'wake-up call' in the game, where you can't just sell all your towers right before the wave and hope for the best during. I don't think that's something that needs to go.
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