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  1. Someone poached the original background for a viral facebook quiz - just thought I'd share... http://www.playbuzz.com/arielb10/what-element-are-you
  2. My cpu is fine at an i7 - it's just the animation + 2 guys doing it. keep in mind one was playing veasy and the other on normal - the fact that the guy could hit over a million on normal is pretty extraordinary.
  3. I have a super computer... and it's probably already out of date but we're talking Dual SLI 560 cards super. Anyway - couple of guys had over a million minerals and just spammed the entire map with hail towers and the animation caused the game to go into like a sub 1fps almost frozen state. My suggestion is to figure out a new less snowball hell animation? Because if that screwed up my comp, I can only imagine what the average player would experience.
  4. I think all of this sounds great - but I still think there should be some sort of "trophy" system so people have something to work for - Shown Ratio, achievement, different color, different something. Something that makes players unique. Levels? I have no idea, all I know is that almost all of the top games have this and it's something ele td lacks.
  5. Game suddenly ended on 18 fruit even though I still had 60 lives left. Possible bug having to do with the extra lives gained from fruit? Tried to watch the replay but game continues to crash. If I find out more info I'll post it.
  6. Yes, it does. The idea of only allowing the highest difficulty present to start the timer has been mentioned before. I wouldn't mind going in that direction, but part of me wonders if there is something between here and there? The flipside is that we could reduce the timers again so that games on lower difficulties don't take forever to play. Every play Mineralz? There's not a mode in ele td that takes "forever"
  7. I see where the guy is coming from, playing on VH and having VE players push waves through is annoying - but also playing with friends and punching waves through to make them go out first is amazingly fun. Also increasing interest for higher modes seems silly - It's VH for a reason. The only thing I can think of here is to make it so the first VH player that pushes a wave through is what starts the counter OR whatever the highest mode being played at the time ends the wave starts the counter... and then possibly making an interest handicap for people trying to abuse the mechanic. Does any of that rambling make sense?
  8. I can't find the post about the upgraded earth tower taking up 8 spaces instead of 4 but I just had it happen to me. It actually moved another tower to a random spot when I upgraded it. It's the first upgrade - level 1 4 spaces, level 2 8 spaces, level 3 goes back to 4 spaces. If the tower is walled in on all sides when upgraded it will move one of the towers around it to make room.
  9. I'm fairly decent in Illustrator and Photoshop - I haven't done any 3d texture modeling though.
  10. Just an update to this - went into a game 8 players - I was host. Chose Host pick, all pick, normal, normal length, normal creep order. 4 out of 8 players started with zero minerals so couldn't build anything, 3 of those 4 left, 1 stayed, the one that stayed just never had any creeps actually spawn. so just 50 lives / zero networth (due to no minerals) - game ended with them being the survivor while 2 of us got killed BY A RUN BY FRUITING!
  11. So some of the other fun-ish td's out there right now give you special rewards for completing some sort of achievement like a specific wave cleared on a specific mode etc. Sometimes something as simple as just getting a special SCV to choose from works well or a special in game color... maybe down the line we could bring that to ele td. *moved*
  12. thanks and I apologize I didn't know either of these things off hand - it's like I've got notepad out, i'm writing down whatever doesn't look normal =P
  13. So first off - I'm bad with numbers and coefficients etc - and I may be really airheaded with some of this stuff so please don't be like "SIGH NOOB" or anything i'll cry. Anyway, ongoing list, will update and adjust as I play. Base tower tooltips don't change when upgraded (Actually, I've only gotten that once, doesn't seem to be happening now) It feels like the ray tower needs to have its base dmg upped vs the aoe tower. Intended? Wave 11 zerglings zoom forward randomly when attacked same with wave 18, 25, level 31? Actually I think what i'm finding is that the creeps will run to catch up with the creep in front of it. This happens a lot around corners, they seem to zoom around - not all creeps do this. chosen element bosses or upgrades don't show up on the top right like the used to! Health bars don't show up for creeps without mouseover Actual element announcment per level vs just wave in game tower combos Keybindings for spell effects Magnify tower charge wave 22 creeps stay up after killed then go invis and vanish - wave 13 does this too. Medics on wave 28 would be epic if they healed eachother. Jinx tower also has a voodoo tower tool tip once built, also no casting graphic? supernova tower can be upgraded without having level 2 element combo the first 4 levels all have 6 hp - wave 7 is 8 - wave 8 is ll Voltage tower tooltip until upgraded is potential tower - HUGE upgrade over the electricity tower, a massive jump for 750 mins, seems a bit overpowered - massive range and 1 tower can clear an entire row of creeps @ wave 27 the 8th maze on the map (the zerg one) is amazingly distracting with the mist and the flashy stuff. It's cool to look at for a second but playing an entire game like that would drive me crazy
  14. Good question. I can only control the NA one but I think it should be "Element TD" across realms. In there! So excited lol i'm such a nerd.
  15. Whats the channel for Ele TD?
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