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  1. Just in case it was forgotten.... I just played another race and rematch, and the bug is still there It looks like there was something changed though. This time I couldn't build 4 more pures in the rematch. I am not really sure if this was possible the first time I saw this bug, because I sold almost everything then in the beginning of the rematch.
  2. I play TD because I cannot mirco Nevertheless, the idea of a global leaderboard sounds good. And a newbee question from me: is there already a region leaderboard of some kind? Because if there is, I can't find it.
  3. In that case, why not simply skip the voting for the rematch, and just let it start again with the same settings? That saves time for the players and no bugs when another setting is chosen. Looks like a win-win situation to me
  4. Here my replay. Maybe that saves you time in trying to replicate this. And maybe its not possible to replicate when you play alone. You can also see my messages in the message log that I think the other players did it on purpose to gain extra XP and trying to get a new personal fruitrecord by cheating this way. _Falco _ Element TD _ bug rematch after race.SC2Replay
  5. No fruit with race, so the first game ends after wave 60 for a rematch. If there are so many problems after the rematch, why not remove the rematch option?
  6. When you play a game in the mode "race" and you play a rematch of "competitive" all your towers will remain where they were in the game of race. You will have 2 builders, as if you are playing 2 man, but alone. You won't be able to use the elements you had the game before, but still the towers stay and are functional. You are also able to sell them, and gain minerals from them.
  7. Too bad. I am Dutch, so I play on the EU server of battle.net
  8. Here the replay as promised and 2 screenshots. One just before I sold all my towers to end the game, and one with the message I didn't break my fruit points record _Falco _ Replay Mazing_ Very Hard_ Extreme_ Infinite Fruitwaves .SC2Replay
  9. I played today instead of tomorrow. I posted my score in a new topic: https://forums.eletd.com/index.php?showtopic=3128
  10. Some quotes from another topic where I needed to show proof I played a Mazing game today on Very Hard, in Extreme mode, with No-Hero with zero leaks (including wave 1 to 5). No special tricks were used The game is still running (unattended right now) with 3206 fruitpoints. I have to go now, and I'll be back in about 4 hours. If the game is not ended due bad connection, I will end it by selling all towers for a normal death end. A screenshot is included. The replay will be posted in this topic later on.
  11. I made a replay yesterday with maze on normal with zero leaks (including wave 1 to 5). I wanted to post it here today, but I like to take the challenge from WindStrike first. I'll try tomorrow on very hard and post a replay here.
  12. Congratulations joebot. I dont want to discourage you, but with maze on normal difficulty my fruitscore is around 35000, and that's because I sold all towers to end the game. No special tricks were used. Just the right maze with a good combination of towers.
  13. @Windstrike Thanks for your reply. But I was not talking about a challenge or tournament on this site. I play Element TD within StarCraft 2. In SC2 it is not really motivating for other (new) players if they see someone who has an enormous fruitscore, while they can't reach 500 points themselves. I assume it was never the intention of the maker of the program to make abuse with interest, so therefore I see it as a bug. By never giving interest the first 5 waves, this problem is simply solved. Normaly the maximum interest in the first 5 waves is very small, so you won't miss it. And for the challenge or tournament on this site, you won't have to check for possible abuse anymore. Looks like a win-win situation to me
  14. It would be better if there is NO interest the first 5 waves, in the mode when it costs no lifes the first 5 waves. Now it is possible to save minerals forever, when all other players quit or were dropped due bad connection.
  15. There is a maximum strength of the fruitwaves. In other words, the fruit is not getting stronger every next wave. With the right combination of towers and tactics it is easy to kill fruit forever, without having to focus towers in their attack. In fact, I went to sleep, and the next morning the game was still running.
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