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  1. Hi WindStrike, Thx for the feedback ! The features u talk about are for version 2.0. If there are enough demands I will do them. 3 months ago, I analyzed the statistics of the 110 towers and found quite quickly the best build with the actual version of the Optimizer... so I ended up deciding not to write the solver for the moment. But maybe in the future, who knows. For info, I just finished migrating the entire website to ASP.Net MVC 4 and just added a "Current Mood" section called "Mastering Protoss" which you can find here : http://optimizertd.azurewebsites.net/MasteringProtoss Hope it helps. GL HF TowerFun
  2. Hello folks, Just saying hi ! to all the Tower Defense lovers over there and notifying you that I moved the Optimizer Website to a new location. You can now find it here : http://optimizertd.azurewebsites.net I redirected the old addresses to the new ones so there won't be any dead links if you referenced the old domain name somewhere. Everything is faster, stronger, better... I also updated the "How to" video with some annotations (that feature was down at the time of the making of the video). >http://youtu.be/nTeGyGpCajc Everything should be crystal clear, if not, don't hesitate to contact me. Enjoy! Happy Gaming! TowerFun
  3. Hi folks! I uploaded some news on the Test Website and the general Roadmap for the version 2.0 of the Optimizer. You can have a look at what it will do soon here : Find the best possible builds (potentially wise)Hide those builds and use them as references for the builds found by the playersCreate an Hall of Fame section with the players and the build they foundIf same builds are found then the first to submit it will be credited for itOthers features will be announced one at a time... Test Website URL unchanged : http://towerfun.host22.com Cya soon. Happy Gaming Guys (HGG !) TowerFun
  4. Hi Folks ! As promised here is the version 1.0 of the Optimizer ! I uploaded it on the DEV Website, URL unchanged for now : http://towerfun.host22.com Here is the full release note : Version 1.0 (21.02.2013) Created a new website with home-made graphics (I luv Gimp <3)Made it responsive so it can be viewed on smaller devices (only tested in browsers for now, I would be interested to have some testers for handies versions.)Minification of all the code and CSSFrom now all the code of the advanced features will be server side and no more viewable in the browser. If you are interested do not hesitate to contact me I will be pleased to talk with you.Added a minimap!Added a feature that allows to control the display of the minimapAdded a feature that allows the user to zoom in and out the playground with the mouse wheel.Added a feature that allows the user to scroll the zoomed playground by dragging it with the mouse when holding the left click downAdded new controls and animations in the UIAdded a new sound effect on the main accordionModified the map so that you can build on the upper right island now, but well it is almost the worst possible placement considering its score...Added IPhone-like check boxes =]Externalized the code from the Optimizer page for cleaner designOptimized pictures sizeSuccessfully tested on all 4 most used browser : Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer last versions Thx for all your good comments guys. Hope you'll like this version. As said before I'm interested in testing volunteers! See you next time !
  5. Hello there, Small update to show you one of the upcoming features : The Minimap! (see attached pic) I think I will be able to upload the 1st version soon as I am fixing everything up one at a time. Note that I'm doing this on my free time and this is only a first step. But, it's still important to me to show off quality and to increase it iteratively. More will come but I keep it for me ATM . Moreover, I would be very interested if people wanted to be beta testers on that little project. Ofc, all contributing people will have his or her name cited in the credits! Thx for all the good comments are they private or not, it helps me a lot =]. Cya soon for the next release folks!
  6. That is smart . For the moment I use this project for learning purposes, there is no arrangement between Karawasa and me today. That being said, I'm open to discussion. I'm sure that some new projects would be fun to do and would bring the interest of other people... Personally I got some ideas for the future. Wait and see.
  7. Hello, I'm still working on the Optimizer ATM when I do have time. Responsive website building is a bit tedious but I'm getting through. Attached you can see screenshots of the optimizer page in full-screen resolution and as it looks like on handies like IPhone. When I'll judge it ready, I'll post the first version on the DEV website. It's still nowhere near I want it to be yet, but well it evolves . Comments welcome. Cya.
  8. Hi Folks, Just wanted to share with you the first draft of the future Optimizer liquid WebSite I'm working on. The mockup contains the Optimizer logo (which represents the 6 elements and basically what it does) the general liquid layout and key objects like the Towers Selector, buttons, checkboxes etc... It is not final yet but "showable" I guess. It has been done with Gimp 2.8 and contains more than 100 layers. Hope you like it. I'm working on Foundation3 at the moment, seems a nifty framework... Happy gaming! TF
  9. Hello, New version is out ! I'm almost there and starting to think that it will be soon possible to move it to the main website of Element Tower Defense. Web address unchanged : http://towerfun.host22.com Here is the full release note : Version 0.9 (02.02.2013) Added a feature that allows showing a context menu on placed units (delete + move).Added a feature that allows user to move placed towers with home made drag'n drop.Added a feature that allows to delete a unit when pressing the "delete" key, note that this will correct the current score as wellAdded a feature that allows user to select a tower on the playground by clicking on itAdded a feature that shows on the playground the hovered unit in the build order tabAdded a feature that selects a unit on the playground when clicking in the build order tabAdded a feature that allows to import and export build ordersAdded a feature that restores last used display preferences (show grid/range) at load timeAdded animation when changing tabsAdded tool-tipsCreated a little video for showing the main functionnalitiesImproved performancesAdded code goodies (~3k lines)Added Opera to the list of supported browsersSuccessfully tested on all 4 most used browsers : Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer last versions I added a small video for seeing the main functionalities in action. You can find it in the "How it works section". If the forum forbid "inline" video links : http://youtu.be/nTeGyGpCajc I guess I will focus more on the website now, I need to deeper my knowledge on liquid layouts ! Happy Gaming Folks ! TowerFun
  10. Hoy ! Just fixed a bug that "Cool" made me notice. Thx to him. If you open the optimizer for the first time it loads for ever. I couldnt see it on my test browsers because I'm always working on it. So now it is fixed and it even works on Opera :=) gl hf all Cya TowerFun
  11. At last Server is up and running (still the old one for the moment, searching a new solution though). So here you are the version 0.8 of the optimizer : http://towerfun.host22.com I added an article about Gimp & Script-fu in the "Current Mood" section. Attached to this post you will find a small gif animation of the new "Find Tower" feature. Enjoy ! The full release note : Version 0.8 (28.01.2013) Added a feature that allows the user to zoom in and out the entire playground Added a feature that allows the user to scroll the playground when zoomed with arrow keys Changed the export image for taking into consideration the Zoom currently in-use Changed the layout of the following features : Clear playground, export as image, show grid and show range Added the detailed list of the current build order in the BO tab which is synchronized with what you see on the playground. By hovering elements with the mouse you can see at what sequence the tower is built. Added a feature that loads the last saved BO at start. Added a search box on the TowerSelector which filters towers as you type Added a Glassy effect and rounded corner on all the 110 tower icons. Did it by creating a Gimp Script-fu called in batch mode. Automated modifications took a couple of minutes for 110 images, nice ? Added an article in the Current Mood section about Gimp and Script-fu Added some minor improvements to the unit overlay display Added quite a lot of modifications to the code (~2000 lines of code) but mainly not visible to the end user at first sight except that the application is very dynamic. These include Observable Properties, Observable Collections, home-made databinding, improved performances, better design/refactoring and so on... Successfully tested on all 3 most used browser : Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer (but animation are disabled at the moment for ie () last versions Happy Gaming Folks! TowerFun
  12. Hello Folks, Today I realized that 000webhost.com is down. I don't know if this situation will last. I know it is a free service but well it is not that hard to have a server up and running 100% of the time nowadays... I'm planning to move but it will take time and I do need a free service to start with so... we will see what comes up. BTW if you guys know a free GOOD hostname and/or asp.net website hosting service don't hesitate to tell me. And stay tuned because I am almost done with the 0.8 version of the Optimizer . Cya soon. TowerFun
  13. Heyooo all ! I'm going forward with the Optimizer and just uploaded a new version. It is now the 0.7 and SOUNDS are in !! The Website also got a massive revamp as I am learning new skills and I added a Current Mood section with some collected goodies. You still can find it here : http://towerfun.host22.com The release note : •Version 0.7 (23.01.2013) Added a new featue allowing to save a Build Order. This feature stands right next the "Placement" one under the label "BO. Just place towers as you normally do then when you are happy with it go to the "BO" tab and click Save. Now you can reload your whole build order at any moment. Played with CSS and jQueryUI Themes. Still not ready but going in the right direction .Add sections "How it Works", "Current Mood", "Version History" and "Roadmap" to the websiteAdded UI sound for unit placement, bad placement, buttons, checkbox, towers selectorAdded indication on the ressources being loaded at startSuccessfully tested on all 3 most used browser : Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer last versions As always if you have a positive or negative remark feel free to post here or send me a private message. Happy gaming folks . TowerFun
  14. You perfectly right! But this feature won't be in for version 1.0, I foresee it for version 2.0. BTW I added some targets in the roadmap, ofc your proposition is in : Version 3.0 (xx.xx.2013) - Work in progress TODO : Make the tool more generic so it can be used with the new versions of Element Tower Defense map (but still the same mode : no maze, no hero -> just build orders). Version 2.0 (xx.xx.2013) - Work in progress TODO : Integrate all the towers abilities in the placement algorithm. Basically u give your build order and it places all your towers automatically taking into consideration DPS, abilities like haste, splash damage, slow, damage increase etc... Sadly, abilities of towers like MoneyTowers won't be in until the program takes into consideration turns and money. But if we reach this point I'm not sure if there will still be a reason for playing the game at all xD. So I guess it won't be done. The goal of the tool is to automatically solve the "boring" part of the game which is : optimization. But it doesn't wan't to steal the fun out of finding out your own best strategies. Maybe I will do an in-house version to see how good the algorithm can do... we'll see. Maybe in the end there we could see a new AI integrated in the game... will depend on the EleTD map creators.Version 1.0 (xx.xx.2013) - Work in progress TODO : Integreation with the official EleTD Website. You can find the whole roadmap here : http://towerfun.host22.com/About.html Soon I will make a specific section for it so stay tuned ). Happy gaming folks ! TowerFun
  15. Version 0.6 is out ! 8-) Development Website URL unchanged : http://towerfun.host22.com I also added a roadmap to see what is missing for version 1.0. Don't hesitate to ask for something. All remarks, positive or negative , are welcome! Release note : Version 0.6 (21.01.2013) Corrected some glitches when displaying unit overlayWait the preload of all resources before displaying the TowerSelector so the overall display is better and synchronizedAdded the jQuery custom content scroller to the TowerSelector. It is really nice and pro.Overall Played a bit with CSS3 (nicer display, I hope...)Added a feature that shows the current tower selection on the TowerSelector (the strip stays open)Show tower's range by defaultHide grid by defaultAdded a loading jQuery progress bar and messageAdded the ElemTD website faviconMade a cooler display of the placement scoreMade a cooler display of the current unit overlay positionUsed the MVC pattern and more precisely the Model-View-ViewModel pattern.Tuned application for slower connection speed.Added logging capabilities!Successfully tested on all 3 most used browser : Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer last versionsAdded the roadmap for version 1.0 ! Happy gaming folks ! TowerFun
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