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  1. The game going into Race mode gets the above screenshot. Last time I actually got that mode, I didn't notice if there was still periodic income, but all status/timer screens of the main scoreboard were pretty useless. Nothing from me about the 'All Random' bit though because generally all my games end up 'All Pick' then most of the game does -random, which really confuses me.
  2. Got into a teamed Defense game, my teammate left and the other team had someone drop. Both got to wave 61 and after elimination it declared us BOTH victorious despite being on opposing teams.EleDef2v2 dual victory.SC2Replay
  3. CeeAy


    Either my XP intimidated them or I had a solid early maze defense that wouldn't give much income so they ignored me mostly. I got massed only once, but ended up winning without being majorly offensive. The last two swarmed each other and both got eliminated while I was building more defense before sending Fruit.EleWars _win by watching_.SC2Replay
  4. Game options are chosen by the top person in the lobby, not the Host.
  5. Ran across this library addon and figured this is a good place to throw it up. Could involve things like placing a Periodic tower, getting over a certain number of points in Wave 61, winning a Race game in less than XX minutes, etc. http://www.curse.com/assets/sc2/achievement-lib
  6. Here is something you could do in the mean time while I figure this stuff out. Just so there is a different look to the UI: http://www.curse.com/assets/sc2/dark-protoss-ui
  7. For the two sections that have water in them, scripting that allows them to walk ON the water. http://www.curse.com/assets/sc2/ship-system
  8. Just something one of the programmer people might be able to implement to make things easier? http://www.curse.com/assets/sc2/upgrade-dialog
  9. CeeAy

    Tower Models

    Same as Creeps thread, editing to keep all my suggestions together. 5 Turrets: http://www.curse.com/assets/sc2/turret-models Xel'Naga Turret http://www.curse.com/assets/sc2/xelnaga-turret
  10. CeeAy

    Creep Models

    I'll edit this post as more suggestions pop up so keep them together. #1: Psionic Hydralisk http://www.curse.com/assets/sc2/psihydr-model #2: Nullifier http://www.curse.com/assets/sc2/nullifier/460379 #3: Reaver http://www.curse.com/assets/sc2/sentry-reaver-max #4: Bog Beast (Would make a good Nature boss) http://www.curse.com/assets/sc2/bog-beast #5: Old Carrier http://www.curse.com/assets/sc2/carrier-old #6: Sarah Kerrigan Ghost http://www.curse.com/assets/sc2/sarah-kerrigan-ghost #7: Worgen Marine http://www.curse.com/assets/sc2/worgen-marine #8: Dark Protoss units http://www.sc2mapster.com/assets/dark-protoss/ #9: Hybrid Hydralisk and Zergling http://www.sc2mapster.com/assets/hybrid-zerg/
  11. I'm assuming I can work in my own empty custom map and export the pieces. It shouldn't be that hard since it looks like a combination of PHP/XML/CSS type stuff.
  12. CeeAy

    Tower wars

    Might have been discussed at one point, but what about making them Energy based from the Builder? You can adjust energy pool based on the player's level and set the spells/abilities to consume such instead of minerals.
  13. I *MIGHT* take a stab at this. No promises, so don't hold your breath. Just something I read on SC2Mapster about custom layouts. http://www.sc2mapster.com/media/attachment...out_Example.PNG
  14. Got in a general game that I figured was going to end up in Defense. To my surprise it got voted Wars; which come to find out a few people were not too happy about. EleTD _ Sad Pandas.SC2Replay
  15. Cloaking creeps? Similar to Fast/Mech, they use their ability every few seconds for a bit. Can be just as devastating as Mech types if they can't even be hurt by AoE, but at that point I'd change the suggestion to having Cloaking be a random ability added to a wave of creeps on top of what they can already do. Something like every 13 waves so it only occurs 4 times in a game and never ends up being a boss wave.
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