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  1. here is a quick mockup of two different styles. i did it at the office, so i couldn't put as much time into it as i would like: it could just be an icon and the text. oh, i forgot to include arrow/cannon towers. this is another style with more complete information. i personally like this. also, forgot to add upgrade/sell buttons. i'm pretty busy all throughout the weekend, but i'll try to refine it whenever i can. edit: some more thoughts real quick. when multiple tiles are selected, the branch should be anchored on the latest selected tile. on a computer, you have the benefit of the hotkeys to be able to execute fast. right now, on mobile, you have to move your finger all the way to the bottom of the screen. make sure the branch-out begins from the last location of the fingertip.
  2. Just woke up and played a game in bed. That's how excited I am about the mobile version. Couple more things: 1) Right now, if you have tiles selected and you scroll the screen, it de-selects. There were several times I had to zoom into get an accurate selection, only to lose all my selection when I, by instinct, try to scroll. 2) Seriously, what's with the level 3 elements? I never had trouble clearing it in Dota 2 version in normal difficulty. I have leaked it every time in mobile.
  3. Holy fuckballs. It will take me a bit to digest all this.
  4. Awesome guys! Just got it and finished a game. I am so happy that I can take my favorite TD on the go with me. I can see that you guys worked very hard on this. Thank you guys. Here are the notes: - Element selection process can be improved. The edge glow is not enough. Several times, I didn't realize that I had elements to select. Implement another visual cue to highlight that it's the user's time to pick an element. Adding a flashing arrow could draw attention it. - I didn't even realize that I had to press Start to begin the game. You need a bigger attention grabber there. These things need to be obvious, especially to a beginner. - Improved death animation would add a lot. Right now, it's awkward. Maybe try adding a fast fade-out? - Great controls in general. I was pleasantly surprised at how well it worked. But, the outer edge selection could be improved. Here is a picture: Right now, pressing anything outside the green lines (basically blue line and out) completely de-selects everything. Make the blue-line a neutral zone. I can't count how many times I pressed into the blue area and lost all my selection. - How about a selection lasso with a 2-second long press? Long press locks the screen from scrolling, and enables you to create a sim-city style grid to select your towers. - There is no information for the next wave unless you click into it. Make it visible on the main screen. It is a very important piece of information. - There needs to be text to the elements. Here is an example of how it should be: - Upgrading towers is a massive confusing process. Display a tree when you press on the tower. I'll do a mockup of this later. It's midnight and I need to go to sleep. - Level 3 Element was INSANELY hard to kill. Also, it was very hard to see its HP bar. - Too quick especially being able to skip the wait time and playing it at 2x. Add more waves. The game felt like it ended way too soon. Maybe adding 10 more waves to it, without elements, could work. I dunno. Maybe 5 waves. - Add a quick tutorial that makes beginners play through the first 15 waves. Also, most importantly, release a free version to just play the tutorial. - Everyone, go leave a review of the app. Aight, I'm going to sleep. I'm sure I'll have more notes as I play some more.
  5. i've been so focused on trying to kill everything on the first pass, so i never explored the double pass positions. i'm going to start experimenting with them.
  6. NW build still works through patch 1.8. It's not like before where you can just upgrade things when you feel like it and overpower everything to hell. Now, you have to be absolutely precise in your upgrade timing. You need to watch your gold too. Everything has to be exact. And you HAVE to be ready for the avenger levels. Avengers absolutely destroy Nature build.
  7. Will try that out. I usually don't like selling towers at all once I move onto elements. I need to watch more replays and play with better players so I can learn more. I also need to read up on the tower stats, and try to determine which towers give the highest DPS at certain positions. Aight, I will try that out after work today. Which position is the best to place Haste towers on? Will it be effective on position 7? Edit: just tried it out in sandbox mode real quick before work. To me, it feels way way way weaker than Nature Towers + Well. I might have to see someone's replay and learn the proper timing and placement. Thanks for everything. EleTD is so so so awesome. I was thinking about it while driving home yesterday. EleTD interest system is a lot similar to how you approach your life. You want to spend just enough money to get by, but save as much as you can so you benefit from it later. It is really similar to retirement planning. EleTD = Life Lessons. Woo.
  8. woo edit: when you pick your first element, the element creep spawns. this is before level 1. is this intended? edit2: all our scores are the same. edit3: when the game ends, the proper score shows. also, i still have not lost over 20-30 games with the following strat in regular 4-player mode in normal difficulty:
  9. +1 50/50 chance of disconnecting for me. i see other people dropping at level 9 also.
  10. very excited for the co-op mode. now i need to find someone to play with me =D
  11. woooooo got it. you guys are doing a wonderful job with an amazing game. this has been my fav td since wc3 days. i'm so excited about all the development.
  12. holy crap that comp spec. anyway, thanks for an awesome update. however, haste tower strategy is still too stronk.
  13. yes, actually, this is something i noticed a lot of people playing for. one time i mentioned "i made the leaderboards" and someone said "oh, how many frogs?" he didn't know about the leaderboards, and he assumed it was for the frogs. the build for the score and the frogs are very different. i would love to have different goals to play for. right now, it's all about killing them as fast as possible.
  14. yes, it should appear on the leaderboards.
  15. i am not 100% positive, but i am pretty sure i made the leaderboard with a password. i play all my solo games with a password, so i'm guessing that i also had a password on at the same time. my question is, how does multiple instances work? i have many games around 350k-370k score, but only one of them registered on the leaderboard. and the score i'm on the leaderboard for is not my highest score.
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