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  1. That's why people do 1.01 instead of 1.1 :P. Call it 2.0.1, the big patch change.
  2. Puzzled at the support gold increase. Too much of value? (Honestly I should crunch the number's for support value and add it to its net worth. Also, I guess I can start now. Gosh I hate you for the nature AND light values change. More math to do.
  3. Wait I just realised. Rush + haste + camp spawn = Probably best rush start there is, since there's no wind-up time
  4. Doesn't hail still do the same damage on crit? 4x 5000 = 5x 4000 Edit: oh wait I get it. Yeah but the ability used to hit the whole map anyways if placed in the center
  5. Yo I told you. Decrease the max stack attacks, increase stack attack speeds. Your current formula cause 16 stacks to be slower than 15 stacks. THEN tweak from there. Edit: wait. Now as I think about it, the value doesn't decrease. Like it kinda plateaus around 14. Edit2: I'll plot a graph when I'm free.
  6. WHAT. YOU BUFFED THE TOWERS I PEAKED TOP 100 WITH? Gg. Not telling which ones. Brb climbing to number 1 in hard mode only. On actual notes, I'm gonna be doing more number crunching in a few days, so keep your eyes peaked for updated tables and graphs. (I'll save the graphs as image files instead). Gonna see how how the water tower changes affect those % I wanted to show you. Also, why nerf hail tower QQ. 20% chance to do 20k, 80% chance now to do 4k, resulting in a damage average decrease from 8k to 7.2k per attack. Honestly though, the range increase is pretty blessed. Able to hit creeps from the spawn helps.
  7. Oh yeah, a cool 'All Random' mode implementation could be that there are about 30 pre-set element combinations which will happen in that order, and everyone can't have the two pre-set combinations. This might be more interesting. Also, idk if this could be a feature (for both maps), but have newbie tips flash across the screen every x seconds. This setting could be turned off somewhere on the screen (like the leaderboard buttons and such). Display stuff like, "Fire does 200% against Nature, but watch out on Water stages as they only do 50%!" Ontopic: How about this. A 10% bonus damage for towers of different players attacking the same target(s). Like global-wide buff. This might encourage cross-building
  8. Maybe it's just me, but the map looks messy as hell. Four players, six lanes, and unless there's a pre-set plan going on, everybody's either: 1) Mass building towers everywhere 2) Focused on their own 'lane' and not helping out. Met a couple of guys on the leaderboard one game. Didn't know. End up flaming the hell outta me and the new guy. Asked for towers like Blacksmith 3, didn't want to build. /rant/ With 6 lanes, bounty is at 1.5x of a normal game, minus the last five waves. Don't know how much that is so I cant give an exact multiplier. I really don't like the co-op version for pubs, but for playtesting sake, I'm gonna find three other people willing to try a strat out. Probably seems like the best if you wanna climb the leaderboards. As for 'for fun', it's so messy I can barely enjoy it. Better sticking to the solo map if playing alone. ------------ Towers ------------ People seem to favor long-ranged towers (coughlightcough) such as electricity and gunpowder. Played about 5 games, and those who, I could see, knew how to play the game, ended up only with these towers. Me, meanwhile, while trying to break the trend, played with Quake and the likes. The result? I can barely hold one lane while they're just tearing two lanes apart with ease. As usual, people still tried life towers, and I can say it's pretty effective you aren't trying to climb for leaderboards. Especially good with new players playing who don't know how to play. --------- Early (1- 15) --------- Very confusing. didn't know where to build. A lvl 1 dual-element is brain-numbingly easy, allowing you to last about 5- 10 stages. Didn't try arrow and cannon towers, but I'm pretty sure other then for leaks, they're pretty much obsolete in coop because of the increased cash. --------- Mid (15-30) --------- Game spikes pretty hard for new players, who often mass their towers, get random elements and build random towers. As for the experienced players, the hard decision is whether to help a struggling side or build more on yours for that one rainy-day wave (nothing more sad than bulky dark casually walking through a vapor tower). At this point, the difficulty almost equals to v.hard on the solo map because of the lack of gold and increased creep count / creep bulk. --------- Nearing the end (31-40) --------- Most people just die, ON normal. And it's not because we used to camp our spawn so that the poor life tower builds can't handle the rush. New players never make it past here, and those who do, do build towers like gunpowder, light etc. In the current game, there really is no space for short-ranged towers. ------- Pre-frog (41-50) ------- Only been through it once. Difficulty goes back down again because by now, you know what you're doing, and whatever you are doing /works/. You just kinda upgrade the T2 duals into T3 duals, build more T2 tri-elements, and save for Pure Element Towers. ------ UNLEASH THE FROGS ------ Not much of a comment. Usually last about 2 - 4 rounds unless interest was accumulated. Nothing really different from solo. ---------- In short, only play this with a pre-made team. Playing pub is pure suicide.
  9. For Lightning tower tho, I guess if we look at it from a tower's PoV, we can classify all towers under a few categories: AoE, Single-target, support, damage, burst, slow-kill Compared to real AoE towers (like Poison), Electricity's AoE is okay, but single-target really just goes down the drain. It has no support, and unless it's four or five creeps running through, it doesn't pick up the stragglers effectively at all. It hits averagely. So... AoE/ST: ----o------|---------- 5 AoE Support/Damage: ----------|----------o 10 Dmg Burst/Slowkill: ----------|-0--------- 1 Slowkill So a far ranged tower with decent AoE, damage and no supporting attributes, which means it does consistent damage throughout It is meant for slowly withering the enemy down. Fire + Light means you can throw in Nova and Windstorm for slowing everything down, but really, it gets outclassed by Vapor (Fire + Water) for AoE, Light Tower for Single-target. Yet it can't strike a balance between those two to be any good (unlike Poison Tower, which is bae) I wanna say give it an additional effect where if there's no creep to be bounced to, the initial target takes 25% more. This makes it more balanced.
  10. Pst pst pst, Elec still sucks ass.
  11. ahh dammit does this mean I need to start doing more number crunching again...
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    I'm working on it...
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