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  1. Charles Lloyd

    Can't Play

    Just found out that this occurs when I play in the new map. After I quit, the game now becomes unplayable. Also in the new map, I cannot zoom in like what can I do with the other maps.
  2. Charles Lloyd

    Can't Play

    Please refer to the attached picture. The picture and the titles says it all. This was the latest version (1.9.2)
  3. Charles Lloyd

    Thickened Outlines

    Version 1.9.1.
  4. Charles Lloyd

    Thickened Outlines

    Why is that the outlines are thickened? For example, the Undead aura. The aura now looks like a pure violet aura. Before, it has drawings in it. And the Regen aura, it became white. And for towers like Hail, Quake, Vapor, Ice and Nova, when they attack, the game lags a bit because of the thickening of the outlines.
  5. Charles Lloyd

    Darkness Tower

    Darkness Tower Level 1 Damage: 330 First Situation: Creep 1: 200 HP Creep 2: 200 HP Darkness Tower hits Creep 1. (330 - 200 = 130). So there should be 130 leftover damage going to Creep 2. But instead of damaging it by 130, this tower also kills Creep 2. By the way I understood the description of this tower, there should be 70 HP left on Creep 2 because 200 - 130 (leftover damage) = 70. Damage on Creep 1: 200 Damage on Creep 2: Still 200 Second Situation: Creep 1: 50 HP Creep 2: 200 HP Darkness Tower hits Creep 1. (330 - 50 = 280). So there should be 280 damage going to Creep 2. But instead of killing Creep 2, it only damages it as same as how it damages Creep 1. Damage on Creep 1: 50 Damage on Creep 2: Still 50 Summary: Creep 1 and Creep 2 gets the same damage after all.
  6. Charles Lloyd

    Darkness Tower

    I noticed that this tower does not do exactly what it says in its ability description. If it kills the creep, the next creep is also killed, no matter what the HP value is. Example. Level 1 Darkness Tower has a damage of 330. If that creep has 200 hp and is killed instantly by this tower, the next creep is also killed, instead of getting a damage of 130 (330 - 200 = 130). And if the creep has only 50 HP out of 200, it is killed. But the damage that is transferred to the next creep is also 50, not 280. I hope you get my explanation XD
  7. Charles Lloyd

    Magic Tower

    I think it should be nerfed. 550 or 600 would be okay .
  8. Charles Lloyd

    Magic Tower

    Isn't the updated Magic Tower too overpowered? 700 damage for a tower that has an AoE attack and has long range? I suggest that this tower's damage should be lowered.
  9. Charles Lloyd

    Light Tower

    I know this is not a bug. But I want to report this anyway XD I think the bonus damage for Light Tower Levels 3 & 4 should be 294 and 1176 respectively, not 194 and 776 6 x 7 = 42 42 x 7 = 294 294 x 4 = 1176
  10. Charles Lloyd

    Pausing the game

    When pausing the game, my phone lags. This doesn't happen in the older versions... Other concern: The information about the Nova Tower Level 2 should be 30% slow and not 10% slow.
  11. Charles Lloyd

    Vapor and Tidal Towers

    I mean, the Vapor Tower Level 3 attacks in two ways: -The blue shockwave around the Vapor Tower -The same water attack animation of Water Tower which deals damage to 700 AoE I think? I tested it in free mode. I don't know if it's the same in the other modes.
  12. Charles Lloyd

    Hail Tower

    Once a hail tower is built, all creeps are starting to lose their HP gradually. Edited: I found out that the hail tower releases invisible and multiple shockwaves that causes the creeps to loose their HP gradually.
  13. Charles Lloyd

    Vapor and Tidal Towers

    I've noticed some irregularities on these towers. I don't know if this is a bug or not. Vapor Tower: this tower somewhat squirts water when it reaches level 3. Is this alright? Tidal Tower: the damage of this tower keeps on rising even though the AoE resets.