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  1. You can do in options a menu to choose single tap or double tap
  2. The snow can slow down creeps, or earthquakes (example) make ways impossible for creeps ; next, the way open and another way is impossible for creeps ?
  3. I suggest a online mode, like the sc2 version. (Yes it's small)
  4. A classic... But I prefer Water-Nature-Earth.
  5. A good tactic ! I already tried this (found in the WarCraft old topic) but with no videos it's hard ton adopt the tactic.
  6. Traqueur68

    Builds ?

    Thanks I found just now the build of holepercent
  7. Traqueur68

    Builds ?

    I don't found a guide for the mobile version of Element tower Defense and I'd like to have tips or builds (wfln, defn...)