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  1. If I win a map on Insane with L/W/F or whatever, it'd be nice if the game had a record of that somewhere, maybe a chart that fills in so I know if I beat the map with every element combination. That was my goal, and I made it a ways into that process then forget what I'd used.
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    If it's OP, are there any youtube videos of people with 10000000000 points from putting them everywhere?
  3. I have to amend my post. I just beat it on insane with L+D+W. I was doing it wrong--this game is balanced around saving your money for big upgrades, not careful placement of lots of little towers. Got 917000 score, but it didn't upload to the boards. Not sure why, but as to my original comment: Never mind
  4. Fair enough. And I do enjoy the game. I guess I'll keep trying and watch for updates.
  5. I've played maybe 20 rounds of insane with light-dark-water, and I can't seem to get past about level 38. I can only make it past 33 with more than like 8 lives if I try to spam the various combo towers, and it's not pretty because their damage is all pathetic. I'm thinking the balance in this game is kinda shit at this point. I'm not convinced that every combination is winnable on insane, which it really has to be to say it's balanced at all.
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