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  1. Rai

    Support Towers

    considering game difficulty in the actual balance-discussion i'd strongly recommend to nerf obliteration ;p
  2. isn't there only 3 u-turns on the map ? with the low range it would equal a maximum of 8 spots that make it work "100%"
  3. Rai

    Casual Mode

    if u dont want to hoard or cannot handle sell/rebuild u can just not do it ... problem solved. players who are not that "casual" have a bonus which is pretty fair. ur basically asking for less difficulty if u r a slow player ...
  4. reversable rotation signed, wont comment on the rest for its nonsense
  5. Rai

    Creep HP Growth

    i can only refer to very hard: first 10 waves, maybe even 15 are way too easy in comparison to the wc3 version. first 5 can even be insta-killed at 12 oclock which is a very-hard-NoGo imo. then there is another significant step with the biohazard trucks, making these and the following pretty hard (which is what VH is supposed to be) overall it's mostly the mechanical or speed-levels that gimme hell. I play vh random for balance-issues, so this doesnt refer to any BO or effect concentration. I try to use every tower/effect i get from it at the optimum positions and make em all support each other in the usual strategy-way.
  6. Rai

    .65 early balance ^^

    hum, difficulty-wise this would be ok i think, but position wise there would be a couple of problems ... needs testing ^^
  7. cannon tower changed to 1 dmg and 1.5 cooldown, making it legally own the first 5 vh-waves on 12 oclock ... the bug is fixed but why make it stronger ? very hard feels much too easy early on
  8. Rai

    0.63 early balancing

    tested the upgrades, they work fine and "equal" on the creeps. yay, advanced bugfinding ;p
  9. Rai

    0.63 early balancing

    too drastic, maybe 1.2 ^^ i still think grenades are too strong, not rays r too weak ... quick edit: dont quite remember, but wc3 feeling was that rebuilding 2-3 times with any low tower was normal for first wave. needs testing
  10. Rai

    0.63 early balancing

    12 o clock to 11 o clock, just mass lvl 1 grenades .. i finished lvl 5 within 2:30. ray lvl 1 starts with the same position, yet i rebuilt 3 times and the wave wasnt finished ... grenades lvl 1_5.SC2Replay ray lvl 1.SC2Replay
  11. Rai

    0.63 early balancing

    very hard - spam front with grenades and kill every creep within 10 tiles of way ... seriously, that MUST not work. I agree that grenades get worse with speed, healing or mech but its just too easy build`n`selling with them early to get ahead. since ray/gren are rarely built or only an addition after level 10 balancing them on early waves is critical imo.
  12. Rai

    0.63 early balancing

    its just that it wasnt possible in wc3 to spam front with grenades in VH ... so they r better than in wc3 for what reason ever -.- many things look the same like in wc3, but it seems this sc2 version needs to be newly balanced.
  13. Rai

    0.63 early balancing

    just grenade-cooldown on 1,1 or sth. just a lil
  14. i am wondering about the balance between grenade and ray towers, grenade seems to be significantly better on early waves - esp seen in multiplayer games where spamming the front is common Edit: even on very hard one can spam the front with grenades and wont leak, that should really not be possible imho.
  15. well it wasnt no money at all for me, but 11 mins were not what i was expecting ;p ~6 players got wrong starting funds start no money.SC2Replay
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