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  1. Cosmo


    hm, thats good to hear, but still... i would like to play the map by my own "against" other... in my last round i only build "life tower", got me back to 50 and start all over again. didnt got gold that fast because i didnt invest in investments 167 fruits kills...
  2. Cosmo


    Hi, iam new to eletd so this may be old... i just finished the sc2 map on hard (or what ever the last difficulty is called) and killed 70 fruits or so... iam sure i could score more with a better elemental combination i just bought (and sold) the non elemental tower till wave ~25 than i killed evry creep except one, updatet the income two times and went afk for coffee after 25 lost lives i have so to speak "infinite" money (i think in the range of 150k) till level 60 it was way over 1mio solution: the next wave should spawn as soon as the last creep from the current wave damged the player once
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